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Meet the December “On The Rise” nominees and vote for your favorite

By Devon Storbeck

YouTube Partner Support

Each month, we find four YouTube Partners whose subscriber numbers are growing but haven’t yet hit 100,000 for our monthly On The Rise program. December’s candidates are in, and we encourage you to check out their videos and vote for your favorite in the top right corner of the Official YouTube blog by December 12 at 5pm PT. The channel with the most votes at the end of the week will be featured on the YouTube homepage and videos page.

To close out 2011, the On The Rise candidates this month are as talented and diverse as ever, including an ESL teacher, a pop culture vlogger, a skateboard videographer and a portrait artist. Vote for your favorite by December 12, and we’ll announce the partner selected on the YouTube blog on December 19.

Jennifer is a multi-lingual ESL/EFL teacher based in Boston, and her channel offers a range of free instructional videos that address the ins and outs of the English language.


With a 5-year history on YouTube, Bryony has developed a loyal following for her channel’s vlogs. She hails from London but often fools her viewers with the American accents she uses as she comments on everything from pop culture to spiders.


Nigel is a talented videographer from Washington whose subject is capturing the thrills and skills of skateboarders of all ages. His videos highlight skateboarding tricks, trick tips and even advice for other skateboarding filmmakers.


Using only pencils and erasers, self-taught artist Xiaonan Sun from New York crafts lifelike portraits, but he tries not to focus exclusively on the final product. His channel is full of timelapse videos that offer viewers a glimpse of the creation process.

In past months, winners like AlexanderCarpenter and evmoneyTV have seen growth in their audience and video engagement thanks to your support. If you’re interested in checking out more rising YouTube Partners, visit our On The Rise channel, which features nominees, trending partners and monthly blog winners.