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YouTube Creators on the Rise August 2021

Meet August’s featured Creators on the Rise

From fingerboarding to 3D printing, these emerging creators share their areas of expertise with audiences around the world.

In January 2017, we announced the launch of Creator on the Rise, a program that identifies and celebrates up-and-coming YouTube channels. Since then, we’ve featured more than 5,000 Creators on the Rise and expanded from the US to over 20 countries and regions around the world, including North Africa, India, and South Korea. 

Starting this month, we’re excited to highlight a select group of featured Creators on the Rise in this playlist. You’ll find a cross-section of channels that span genres and areas of expertise, letting you discover new channels to add to your subscriptions and perhaps even a newfound interest in architecture or an aptitude for magic tricks

Here’s a brief introduction to the creators in August’s playlist:

Pearl Lok whips up aesthetically appealing meals and sweet treats, ranging from traditional tiramisu to more obscure aloe vera jelly balls

MartyBlendz is a barber whose tutorials show how to transform into Maluma or Thor. He also offers an ASMR cutting experience for those looking to unwind. 

Daniela Suarez taps into the at-home workout trend with a series of no equipment-needed exercises that target the full body in addition to honing in on specific body parts

Dami Lee is an architect who gives architecture professionals and enthusiasts a closer look at tricks of the trade and her own design processes

Finger Benh creates magic with a mini skateboard and his fingers — an exercise known as fingerboarding — as he takes viewers on small-scale adventures.

ProudMane is a self-proclaimed natural hair enthusiast sharing routine tips and tricks and DIY treatments for her audience of “Curl Friends”. 

Engineer JBV Creative expands the scope of 3D printing with his creations of a robotic typewriter, candy dispenser, and motivational sculpture.  

Lemoncholy’s design journals and short films — set to soothing lo-fi beats — are a must-watch for anyone interested in the art of animation. 

Chanel Dijon simplifies meal prep, makes a fairground snack staple, and inspires envy with her latest shopping hauls.

Ruff Criminal puts a fresh spin on album reviews with his 10-seconds-or-less takes on new releases from artists like Olivia Rodrigo, as well as older, powerhouse hits from Adele

Bao Magic answers the essential magic trick question (“how did he do that?”) with his tutorials on classic tricks and ones performed in Blockbuster hits.

Check back next month to discover more emerging creators.