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LonelyGirl15's Long Goodbye

By George S.

YouTube Partnership

With video views in the tens-of-millions, nearly 400 episodes, over 100,000 subscribers and a cover story in WIRED magazine, lonelygirl15 is undoubtedly one of the first breakthrough web series to hit YouTube. Like all good things, however, it must come to an end, and today marks the start of a long goodbye: a 12-episode finale, each one posted on the hour.

It's been amazing to witness the loyal community of fans that has cropped up around lonelygirl15. Well two years ago, when viewers discovered that Bree, who seemed like an innocent young video blogger, was actually an actress performing in a scripted series, it only heightened the mystique and interest level surrounding the show. Even when Bree's character died, the show continued to generate big views.

We've enjoyed how EQAL, the creators behind lonelygirl15, have utilized YouTube's sharing and community features to tell their story. It's also been great to have lonelygirl15 as one of YouTube's original content partners. With their participation, we've built a platform where original content creators can distribute their own work and be compensated for their creativity.

We're watching closely to see how this one ends, perhaps with a touch of melancholy, but it makes us happy to know that EQAL have a lot more in store for the future. We'll be subscribing for sure…

Signing off,

George S.