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LOL: Introducing the 16 YouTube Next Comics!

By Austin Lau

Global YouTube Creator Programs

Last month, we asked the funniest among you to step forth and apply for YouTube Next Comic. Those selected will participate in three months of educational workshops, including mentoring from comedic pros like CollegeHumor and Glozell, receive $5,000 worth of video equipment and $10,000 worth of promotion for their channel. The response was overwhelming and had us ROFL-ing, making the task of selecting the lucky 16 surprisingly difficult. After a few wet willies, some knuckle sandwiches and other intense negotiation tactics, we were able to narrow it down. Here are your YouTube Next Comics:

  • ZekeMahogany: From horror to action, commercials and more, this Southern California based original sketch comedy troupe is constantly trying to challenge themselves to go further and try new things with their channel. They claim they’re just getting started, which is impressive given their 7 million views to date!
  • iSekC: Part comedian, part gamer, full on funny, Kevin of Pennsylvania recently shifted from focusing more on pop culture and slapstick humor to comedy that is action-based, incorporating his love of gaming and his “crazy imagination” wherever possible.
  • SteveGreeneComedy: California-based Steve Greene loves sarcasm and puts it above everything else. He also tells us that he only uploads videos that are funny, but we don’t think he’s being sarcastic about that.  
  • dicasp: This South African teenager realizes that two are funnier than one, so he collaborates wherever possible to bring his audience two times the laughs. His mom is a big fan of his. We’re sure you will be too!
  • IFockingHateThat - These Vancouver guys like to add their own unique, absurd and Canadian take on their lives (or what they wish their lives could be). Did we mention they’re Canadian and pretty funny, eh?
  • thekloons - While their name might sound like an 80s family sitcom, these Brooklyn, New York, comedians have become pros at showcasing the absurd and hilarity that exists in the everyday.
  • Drcoolsex: Laughter is just what the doctor ordered, and this New York comedy troupe serves it with a vengeance through their parodies of pop culture characters, events, movies, TV shows, incorporating pretty sweet special effects as an added bonus!  
  • SeanKlitzner: Whether pranking or parodying, this California-based comedian, actor and general funny guy keeps it real for his fans (or as he calls them his “family”) with regular doses of videos that will have you tee-hee-ing.  
  • Sawyerhartman: This Los Angeles based actor and film buff had his eyes set on the big screen. While comedy is his forte, he also showcases his versatility by tackling drama as well. He’s now focused his efforts full-time on YouTube, which is great because we want to continue to ROFL from his videos.
  • DashieXP: This high-energy, wacky Floridian’s most viewed videos incorporate popular video game and cartoon characters saying some pretty off the wall things, but he still likes to stay unpredictable and think of new ways to get people laughing.  
  • petergilroy - Peter wants each of his subscribers to feel like they’re one of his good friends, which is great because he records most of his crazy videos to have fun with his friends (and to impress his mom)!
  • TheWingGirls: Los Angeles based comediennes Jet and Star who use a mix of sketch comedy, parody, and off-the-wall caricatures to comment on relationships and expose the truth about dating.
  • MalumTV: Mawaan is a loud Londoner who likes to act out what happens to him from day to day (his life is THAT funny). Often donning a wig, he likes to experiment and try new ways of making his audience (and himself) laugh!
  • Clisare: Top o’ the mornin’ to this Irish comedienne who aims to employ (and make fun of) Irish humor wherever possible. She tells us Irish humor incorporates a mix of irony, sarcasm, self-deprecation and shamrocks.
  • jasonhorton - Jason claims he’s the world’ only white male comedian. Hmm. Not so sure about that, but we can say that this hilarious sketch and improv maverick loves to share his screen time with other talented comedians, resulting in countless LOL moments in his videos.
  • jayfluent - This New Jersey native was told he talked too much. So, he decided to talk to his camera. Through his specialty, comedic vlogging, he seeks to establish empathy with and elicit tears of laughter from his audience.  

So what do you think? Subscribe to their channels to keep up with the Next Comics on their journey over the next three months and beyond. Let’s have a roaring laugh and hearty applause for the group!