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Leftover Perfection

By Sadia Harper

YouTube Howto & Style

With another Thanksgiving under our belts (literally), we're not quite sure what to do with our leftovers (besides eat them). Naturally, we turned to YouTube, where we found lots of inspiration, starting with the Culinary Institute of America. Their channel has some interesting recipes, including this helpful video about making turkey pot pie:

ChefMelissaTV isn't having any of it -- casseroles, sandwiches and pot pies, that is -- and promises a "fresh look at leftovers" in a special post-Thanksgiving edition of her cooking show:

Annietothemax also takes an unconventional approach to leftovers with this video about turning leftover mashed potatoes into gnocchi:

Finally, enot2 pontificates on what Thanksgiving leftovers could mean for our canine friends. It's a philosophical note on which to end the holiday:

We'll be back soon with more blog posts (and videos!) to serve all your holiday needs.


Sadia aka sublinx