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YouTube's top creators and leading marketers

Leading CMOs learn from top YouTube creators on how to adapt their marketing playbook

What happens when you put YouTube's top creators and today's leading marketers in a (virtual) room? Find out as Deborah Wahl of GM, Dara Treseder of Peloton, and Aude Gandon of Nestlé join Lilly Singh, Natalie Alzate of Natalies Outlet, and Andrew Rea of Binging with Babish, in a series of three unique and insightful conversations.

In a year when the marketing playbook had to be thrown out the window due to Covid-19, leading advertisers need to find unique and innovative ways to connect with new consumers and address their evolving needs.

We gave top CMOs from General Motors, Nestle and Peloton the opportunity to pair up (digitally, of course) with popular creators on YouTube. They learned the secrets of how to  build and keep their engaged audience of millions of viewers. 

Each of the YouTube creators -- Binging with Babish, Natalies Outlet, Lilly Singh -- are masters of their own brand, and command audience attention around the world. They use their authenticity and personal stories to engage millions of subscribers, daily. From sustainability in the food chain and electric vehicles to connected fitness, each creator gave their unique point of view on what CMOs could learn from them and their audience.  

Lilly Singh and Deborah Wahl, CMO of General Motors, exchanged thoughts on how inclusivity is a true driving force in marketing and how thinking about connecting with your audience in authentic ways can pay dividends for brands. 

"Building human connections with people to understand their needs and what they value is critical in our journey to an all-electric future. Lilly’s insights sparked an inspiring conversation and ideas on ways our team can ensure we bring Everybody In on our quest to transform mobility." 

― Deborah Wahl, CMO of General Motors

You can view the full series here.