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15 Latinx creators on YouTube Shorts

Latinx creators to watch on YouTube Shorts

We are excited to showcase 15 Latinx creators who are paving the way and growing their communities on YouTube Shorts.

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we’d like to showcase 15 Latinx creators in our Shorts Creator Community who are leading the charge in short-form content and have shown tremendous growth on the platform in the last year. Ranging in content categories from gamifying packing school lunch for her daughter (Unique Daily) to sharing tips to learn English as a second language (Andrés en Inglés), we are thrilled to share this diverse group of Latinx creators who constantly inspire us. Among these Shorts creators, we have UN Ambassadors for Climate Change (Marissa Rachel) and a sister duo, Maria Legarda and Daniela Legarda, who founded HERmanas At The Table, a dinner series to gather, celebrate, and honor Latina women in tech and entertainment.

Latinx Shorts creators at the Rosalía concert at YouTube Theater in L.A.

Latinx Shorts creators at the Rosalía concert at YouTube Theater in L.A.

On October 8, we brought 14 creators – PolyG, Sal Styles, Javi Luna, Sabrina Mercado, TiaLola, Steffany Strange, Evelyn Gonzalez, Unique Daily, Mabell Rodríguez, Maria Legarda, Daniela Legarda, LAXtoLuxury, gabrielabandy, Jessica Flores – to the Rosalía concert at YouTube Theater in Los Angeles. We celebrated these creators by highlighting their photos on the billboard at the theater during the concert. It was a fun evening and full circle moment to sing and dance to Rosalía, who started her journey years ago in the YouTube Foundry program for musical artists.

Earlier on September 22nd, YouTube Shorts kicked off VidCon Mexico with a Shorts Creator Happy Hour to celebrate and welcome Latin creators to the first ever VidCon Mexico. Over 100 creators came together, fostered new connections, and collaborated on Shorts (see Shorts from A bailar con Maga and Juanca Ochoa). Creators were also invited to a private concert with special guest Colombian artist Camilo, who serenaded the audience with an acoustic show.

We aim to continue nurturing and empowering up-and-coming creators on YouTube Shorts by investing in our Shorts Creator Community, where we educate and amplify diverse communities of creators through exclusive YouTube programming.

YouTube Creator RoseAngel

[1] RoseAngel (Queens, New York)

RoseAngel is a singer, songwriter and producer based in NYC who creates content that showcases her bilingual (English and Spanish) songwriting skills and singing challenges. She is currently working on her album and hopes to bring comfort to other first-gen Latinx people through her music. (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creator Jorge Soto aka Horchata Soto

[2] Horchata Soto (Providence, Rhode Island)

Jorge Soto (aka Horchata Soto) is a 20-year-old Guatemalan-American creator who loves telling storytimes about his experiences as a retail worker, going to school, and being raised in a Hispanic household. He aims to spread laughter and is currently working on several projects, which include a Spanish channel and emerging more in the Gaming genre. (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creator Cristal Valdes

[3] Cristal Valdes (Aliso Viejo, CA)

An empowering voice for young mothers and new families, Cristal Valdes is a content creator and fearlessly inspiring mom to meet. Cristal provides her followers with a daily dose of motherhood, self-care, family fun, and beauty routines, never hesitating to peel back the curtain of her real self. With Cristal, you can celebrate the beauty of motherhood from the first baby bump to the bumps along the way. Cristal also sheds light on her son’s hearing loss journey and is an active advocate for the Deaf Community and Cochlear Implant families. (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creators Marissa and Shanna

[4] Marissa Rachel (Los Angeles, CA)

Marissa and Shanna are two Brazilian American sisters who make beauty & lifestyle content. They are TEDx talk speakers and United Nations Ambassadors, who create content around sustainability, climate change, and quality education! (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creator Maria Legarda

[5] Maria Legarda (Los Angeles, CA)

Maria Legarda is a Latina actress, multi-hyphenated content creator, businesswoman and philanthropist. Her content consists of cooking and lifestyle. Maria loves showcasing her culture in her food while giving it a comedic twist with her commentary. Her lifestyle videos consist of her authentically and vulnerably discussing mental health, doing "Get Ready With Me," and sharing about body positivity and her family. Maria and her sister have started HERmanas At The Table, a gathering to celebrate and honor Latinx women in tech and entertainment. She takes pride in showing her audience who she truly is and is not too shy to speak her mind and have fun doing so. (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creator Daniela Legarda

[6] Daniela Legarda (Los Angeles, CA)

Daniela Legarda is a Latina social media content creator, published author, philanthropist and entrepreneur. She currently has a show on Amazon Prime called Latin Flow and has written and published a book with Penguin Random House last year titled "Sin límites," where she tells her story about immigrating to the United States, finding her passion in the arts, and sharing her perspectives on mental health through her grief journey of losing her brother. She and her boyfriend (who is also Colombian) recently launched the clothing line "Sanctity," a proud Latinx-owned brand aimed to create clothes with a purpose that make you feel good. Daniela loves creating beauty and fashion content while using her social platform to open up about what she has been through. (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creator Stephen Oscar

[7] Stephen Oscar (Los Angeles, CA)

Stephen Oscar is a Mexican actor, print model and lifestyle vlogger. His goal online is to spread love and optimism, as well as inspire LGBTQ+ youth to strive for greatness and be themselves! (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creator Unique Daily

[8] Unique Daily (Fontana, CA)

When Unique Daily is not packing her daughter’s school lunch, she’s out shopping for candy to fill her lunchbox with love. She’s also obsessed with everything mini! (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creator Joshua Suarez

[9] JoshuaSuarez (Los Angeles, CA)

Joshua Suarez is a proud Latinx creator who's an entrepreneur, brand developer, investor, and much more! He believes the only impossible journey is the one that you never start.

YouTube Creator Maria Marmora

[10] Maria Marmora (Central NJ)

Maria loves making videos about coffee and tea drinks, especially Starbucks drinks! She also works in information security and is looking to incorporate tech videos onto her channel soon. (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creator Jhos Rojo

[11] Jhos Rojo (Los Angeles, California)

Comedy has always been Jhos’ passion, bringing it to thousands of viewers who enjoy it as much as he does. Today, Jhos finds himself transitioning into the world of writing to reach new audiences, fulfilling one of his biggest dreams. (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creator JITI VOZ

[12] JITI VOZ (Miami, Florida)

Jihan Ramirez, known as "Jitivoz," is a journalist, voice talent, yoga teacher and passionate mother. She has created a community on social media based on wellness, inspiration and motivation that is growing daily. She communicates and spreads awareness for a more conscious life. (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creators La Familia Latorre

[13] La Familia Latorre (Miami, Florida)

La Familia Latorre is a Latinx family based in Florida who love to share their adventures and allow viewers to have fun with them. In their channel you will find pranks, challenges, blogs and lots of comedy! They are a team of five waiting for you to spend the best moments together. (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creators Un Par de Ales

[14] Un Par de Ales (Miami, Florida)

Un Par de Ales love to make videos that make people smile and use YouTube to reach millions of people in smiles every day. They are incredibly proud to be a part of the Latinx community of creators on this platform. (Favorite Short)

YouTube Creator Andrés en Inglés

[15] Andrés en Inglés (New York, NY)

Andrés Prieto Franklin is a Colombian creator living in New York. On his channel, he shares tips, tricks and hacks on how to learn English as a second language for Spanish Speakers. He was also part of YouTube NextUp #YouTubeLatino in 2018.  (Favorite Short)