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Last Chance to Hit the "Freeway"

By Michele K-Tel

YouTube Music

Last month, singer-songwriter Aimee Mann asked to hear your versions of her song "Freeway" for the chance to perform with her on her U.S. tour later this summer. (Ten runners-up will get an autographed copy of her new CD, @#%&*! Smilers.)

Since then, amazing entries have come in from assorted robotsaliens, and talented Aimee fans –- some of you even hit the highway to record your own version of the song. Well, the deadline to enter is Monday, July 7 (aka NOW!), so get out your instrument of choice and take a crack at it. (Don't forget you can download the sheet music, lyrics and instrumental version of the song from Aimee's website here. ) Here's Aimee singing the official version of the song to show you just one way it could be done:

Good luck!

Michele K-Tel