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Creator and Artist Stories

Introducing this month’s Featured Creator Program Alumni!

By Christine Wang and Bing Chen

YouTube Creator Development

In this monthly series, we’ll revisit creators who have been a part of YouTube creator programs in the past and showcase some of their more recent videos. Four creators will be featured each month in the top sections of the YouTube Creators YouTube channel, across our social media and broadly on YouTube. Check out our November creators below:

VeryPink Knits

Temperatures are dropping and winter is fast approaching! Check out Staci’s channel to learn how to knit some cozy sweaters, blankets, and socks. With over 35 years of experience, Staci shares her expertise through easy to follow videos to help ease knitters into more advanced techniques. Staci was part of a creator development program in 2013, where we optimized her channel for new business opportunities.


BOOM! One of the seminal special effects artists on the platform, FinalCutKing brings the unexpected to life, from Fruit Ninja to an army scene respawned. But it’s not all just for show -- Zach, the creator, is also a teacher if you’re looking to spruce up your editing and effects skills. Zach was part of our inaugural NextUp program back in 2011, that sought to improve the production quality, fan bases, and videomaking skills of up-and-coming creators.

Strength Project

Are you passionate about fitness and movement? Want to see some breakdancing, handstands, and crazy flips? If so, make sure you check out the Strength Project! The team is dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle and hosts over 600 videos on their YouTube channel covering strength training, workouts, and interviews. The Strength Project spent some time in YouTube Space LA filming this past year.

Black Nerd Comedy

Love nerds? Live for the 80s and 90s? Then this channel is for you. Andre infuses geek culture, retro nostalgia, and comedy into his videos. Check out his rants and reviews on geek pop culture, trending topics and current events. Andre was part of our Next Vlogger program in 2012, that provided training, mentoring, and networking with industry professionals and fellow vloggers to help improve participants’ YouTube channels.