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Introducing June’s Featured Creators on the Rise

We’re celebrating our monthly collection of Creators who are making waves on the platform with their creativity.

The relationship between creators and their viewers is increasingly becoming a two-way street, with each party’s needs and interests influencing the other. For those just starting out, listening to audience input — whether from direct engagement in comments or more passive engagement through likes — can be one of the most important contributors to sustained growth. This month, we turned to our group of featured creators from Creator on the Rise — a global program that identifies and celebrates up-and-comers — and asked them how their viewers have helped shape their content.

Learn more from them below, then head to June’s full Creator-on-the-Rise playlist to meet others, including creators sharing motivational messages, GRWM tutorials, and even fingerboarding tips and tricks.

Black Yogi Nico Marie, a yoga teacher leading daily flows and offering easy-to-follow tutorials.

“Many of my subscribers have shared experiences they've had while following my videos — emotional, spiritual, physical breakthroughs — and it has definitely influenced the content I decide to create. When I first started uploading, [my videos were] mostly about the physical benefits, then when I uploaded my Root Chakra Yoga video, it blew up. I remembered there's so much more to yoga than poses and I started to incorporate more spiritual and emotional practices.

“It was actually my subscribers' idea to do a 30 day challenge. That was something I didn't think I could do because of the amount of time it would require, but seeing so many inquiries pushed me to try and I did it! Now more than ever, I recognize that what I'm doing can make a big impact on how a person feels.”

AnyaPanda, a cosplayer who shares in-the-know tips and experiences from within the community.

“I think the biggest impact my audience has had on my content is telling me what kind of things they want to know about cosplay, conventions, and the cosplay community. A lot of things that I thought were common knowledge actually aren’t, so I’ve been really interested to hear any questions people have about cosplay and in turn, make videos to help educate viewers and answer their questions.

“For instance, I once made a video where I recommend that makeup always be worn for cosplay and I got a lot of people telling me that they didn’t know anything about makeup and had no idea where to even start. That inspired me to eventually make a Basic Cosplay Makeup Tutorial to help viewers out, and invite them to customize that makeup routine however they may see fit for a certain character.”

Jaeyou Park, a tech lover with a passion for customizing keyboards.

“Just like the hobby of custom keyboards itself, how I plan my content calendar is very much community-driven. I often listen in on what the latest products of interest are through YouTube comments, then provide sound and aesthetic reference points for my viewers while providing my take on them.”

Callie Jardine, a creator sharing Pilates exercises and aesthetic daily routine vlogs.

“My followers inspired me to start sharing more of my lifestyle aside from just posting Pilates workout videos. They started asking me specific questions about how I find body confidence, stay motivated, heal my mental health and find courage to start a new journey! I create my videos to answer their questions while sharing my authentic lifestyle.”

Tom Carroll, an EduTuber weighing in on next-generation shoes and earth-changing innovations.

“My audience helped shape my content and my overall approach to my content by showing me that there is room to make content that is personal to me and that I really want to make, because there is always an audience for it. They've supported me in a heap of ways, from feedback about specific editing ideas all the way to bouncing ideas back and forth about entire episode concepts.”

Chef Joe Sasto, a culinary star showing how to make inventive new kinds of pasta (among other, drool-worthy meals).

“When I am creating new content, I now always have my wide range of audiences in mind. I know everything I produce isn't going to be for everyone, and so I find it most important to create what makes me happy most. At the end of the day, I do find it important to take the time to engage with my audience, responding to the comments and messages, because social media is for being social.”

Return to this space next month to see a new batch of on-the-rise talent to add your subscriptions.