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Introducing July’s Featured Creators on the Rise

Emerging creators share what they’ve learned from others online.

If you’re a creator, the vast world of online content means you have an almost limitless pool of potential mentors. Maybe you picked up a new filming technique from that cook who never shows his face; or an idea for a fresh spin on a DIY challenge from that historial fashion expert; or a plan for kickstarting your own bullet journal from that doodling expert. Watching others — whether they’re big or small, in your genre or not — can be key to perfecting your own craft. That’s why we asked this month’s featured creators from Creator on the Rise, a global program that celebrates and up-and-coming talents:

What tips have you picked up from other creators that have helped inform your own content?

See what they’ve learned below, and check out the full playlist of July’s featured Creators on the Rise to find others to add to your subscriptions, including a gaming and anime-inspired chef, a makeup tutorial pro, and a cinematographer sharing camera buying insights.

PapaBwoi, a humorous home cook who tells stories while whipping up easy-to-follow meals:

“I am a fan first and what has pulled me towards certain creators is their ability to connect with their audience through proper storytelling. I definitely appreciate aesthetic videography and interactive editing but I’ve learned that what has built the strongest connection with me and a creator is the way they are able to pull me into their personal lives by telling compelling stories over an extended period of time.

"As a creator, this is what I now strive for. I want to make my audience feel like they are part of something by following my journey and that’s why I don’t shy away from sharing as much as I can about my life experiences. Me opening up about myself leaves the door open for them to open up about themselves, and that is what is beautiful about this platform.”

JC Rodriguez, an aspiring financial advisor who interviews everyone from students to entrepreneurs:

“I obtained many mentors these last few months: Colin and Samir, Graham Stephan, Justin Nguyen (Declassified Media), Shan Rizwan, and many more. But the reality is, your mentors might not know you exist! Through podcasts, videos, and newsletters you can shorten your learning curve without an actual one-on-one conversation.

"I learned the importance of identifying my specific value proposition and the audience for whom I create this content…I'm here to learn alongside my audience. That's why my ‘money man on the street’ content has been so digestible for a large demographic.”

Knarb Makes, a DIY creator who shares his elaborate construction of D&D terrains, Disney-themed sets, and sci-fi miniatures:

“I've learned a lot from watching creators like Peter McKinnon, Casey Neistat, and MrBeast. It all starts with a story. No matter what it is, if it doesn't have a story for the viewers to follow along and enjoy, then it won't be very interesting to watch.”

Check back in August to meet a new group of on-the-rise creators.