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Introducing evmoneyTV, November’s “On The Rise” YouTube Partner

By Devon Storbeck

YouTube Partner Support

Cross-posted from the Official YouTube Blog

Congratulations to Ev of evmoneyTV, the channel that received the most votes for the October On The Rise poll, and his channel will be featured on the YouTube homepage today.

Ev discovered YouTube in 2009 and started his channel with the goal of offering financial advice to viewers (hence the channel name). His initial videos didn’t exactly reel in the viewers, so Ev decided to cover the “how-to” of more basic tasks.  He’s stuck with stick figure drawings to illustrate his recommendations, which allows him to address a range of quotidian topics such as how to greet others properly, how to project confidence, and how to be sarcastic

Here are a few words from November’s On The Rise star himself:

“After trying and failing to feature financial advice videos, I decided to tackle life’s simpler problems.  It all started as a video response to jpmetz about people who can’t seem to work a debit card machine.  Armed with a cheap mic and MS Paint, I began to chronicle my encounters with stupidity – thus, my channel was born. I owe my success to Youtubers like jpmetz for my initial exposure, keeporjot for including me in charlieissocoollike’s likerchain, soundlyawake for heavily promoting me, whatthebuck for featuring me onstage for the live Buckfactor at Vidcon, rowlfwannabe for driving the #evsblowinup movement, alexcarpenter and tyleroakley for their last minute support in this competition, everyone who shared and tweeted my videos, and most of all, my viewers, who think drawing and voicing stick figures and putting them on the internet is a completely normal thing to do.”

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