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YouTube in a pickle

Check it out! YouTube Official Blog launches new “In a Pickle” video series

Check out the first video with Haley Kalil out NOW!

Which creator would Haley Kalil ghost? Which creator would Carter Kench totally friendzone? What’s an embarrassing moment Ashley Yi hopes you never find out about? Find out the answers to these questions and more in In a Pickle, a hilarious new video series available exclusively right here – on our YouTube Official Blog.

The premise is simple: Creators are given six interview questions. They can choose to answer each question or if they’re in a pickle and don't want to answer a question, they have to take a shot of spicy pickle juice!

In a Pickle is a brand new 7-part video series featuring Peet Montzingo, Ashley Yi, Carter Kench, Jordan Matter, The Beverly Halls, Haley Kalil, and Ms. Beanie. The interview series launches today with new videos rolling out bi-weekly on Wednesdays. Check out Haley Kalil’s video now and be sure to check back for the rest of the can’t-miss videos in the series!