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YouTube creators and ai

How Shorts creators are using AI to elevate their content strategy

Creators around the world in our YouTube Shorts Creator Community are pioneering new ways to use generative AI to simplify their content strategy and explore new creative boundaries.

“I honestly feel like AI has helped me become a better creator in some way by allowing me to dive deeper into my creativity and step out of my element,” says creator Doctor Fashion.

From helping create a multi-format strategy to developing new series on Shorts, AI is top of mind for many creators from the US to Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, and beyond.

Discover How Shorts Creators are Using AI to Elevate their Content Strategy

Creator: imUrgency

Rumi is an LA based pop culture commentary creator who has been making videos on YouTube for almost 6 years. On his channel, imUrgency, he creates videos on everything from TV reviews to celebrity & Gen Z video essays.

imUrgency uses AI to help turn long-form content into Shorts

“Generative AI helped save time with my editing process for YouTube Shorts. I use an AI program to cut down long-form content into snappy and relevant short-form videos. For example, I used AI to help edit down a segment of a video I made about the show, The Idol, where it quickly cut the clips together and added captions. The process was simple and it sped up my creation process!”

Location: USA

Creator: TheDanocracy

TheDanocracy is a DIY/Art channel that showcases step-by-step art processes to inspire people to replicate the activities at home.

AI has inspired a new Shorts art series for TheDanocracy

“AI has allowed me to create an entire new series of ‘updating vintage photographs’ and has simplified my workflow, so I am no longer spending hours on one effect. Through the series, I use generative fill to ‘correct’ and modify the photographs into something new and refreshed. Sometimes I remove people from the shots or just expand the scene a bit more to fit a more suitable aspect ratio.”

Location: USA

Creator: Los Wagners

This is a family that loves and has fun with what they do. The Los Wagners channel was born in April 2021 and already has more than 6.6 million subscribers and 3.2 billion views on YouTube. They specialize in entertainment content focused on funny Shorts, family challenges, tests, and experiments.

LosWagners use AI for images

“I use Gen AI as a tool to expand my creativity and create new video effects, such as converting images from my video into a sequence of images generated by artificial intelligence following the chosen theme through the prompt (stable diffusion), creating a unique experience for the viewer.”

Location: Brazil

Creator: Guinutil

Guinutil is a content creator who scripts, acts and edits his own videos. He also uses special audio/video editing effects and a lot of creativity to make original and relevant content.

AI has helped Guinutil to edit and make his videos more immersive

“To make the video environment more immersive, I use Generative AI to add or remove elements or expand the scenery in the videos according to the theme. In all my videos I use it in some way, you might not even notice.”

Location: Brazil

Creator: Ozan Sihay

Ozan is a Turkish content creator who has been creating content around photo editing app reviews, training videos, video/video art works and product reviews.

AI has helped Ozan streamline the creation process

“Artificial intelligence has an important place in both my professional and personal life. As a content creator and digital content expert, I can develop more creative and innovative projects by saving time and resources thanks to artificial intelligence applications and tools. I use AI-based text editors and graphic design tools in my content production and editing processes. Thanks to these tools, I can prepare my content in a more professional and interesting way. Thanks to audio AI models, I can convert texts into audio in situations where I cannot do a voice-over and this helps me make my videos more impressive.”

Location: Turkey

Creator: Alasdair Mann

With hopes to change public perception about emerging technology, Alasdair started making YouTube videos to better educate people. He typically packages a positive lesson about technology with an entertaining story. Today the channel gets up to 100 million views a month.

Alasdair Mann uses AI for idea generation for potential sponsors

“I use AI in a variety of ways, but the most powerful way has been in helping me reach out to brands. I noticed that brands are much more likely to respond if you go to them with a few ideas, but this is hard to do if you are emailing 100 brands. So now I use AI to read their websites, and suggest basic ideas. These usually aren't good enough to make an actual video, but provide a starting point and show that you are proactive.

Location: UK

Creator: Arman Vesona

Arman is an Indonesian content creator who combines music and entertainment on his Shorts. He considers himself one of the “OG” creators who has been creating content for 8+ years on YouTube.

Arman uses AI to help with end-to-end content creation

I use AI to help create creative content including visual images, audio, even ideas and stories, with new experiences that can maximize quality, uniqueness and speed. Even though we are satisfied with the tools and data from YouTube Studio, we can maximize it again with AI to take the next steps, and can even speed up solutions in content creation. I happen to make VFX content too, so I often use AI to create assets, hone prompts, to speed up processes and spark new creativity. AI is a sophisticated tool that can make creators' work easier, saving us time, money and energy in creating quality content. Everything is instant so it is very suitable for us, as long as we know the basics of creating content. Creators can even create visuals and make their fantasies come to life to support the story!”

Location: Indonesia