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How Måneskin is mastering multi-format on YouTube

The group is using short-form and long-form video to draw new fans.

...YouTube has been key in helping the Italian band gain global reach and build an enduring career.”

If the world's longest-running television program gave Måneskin instant fame, YouTube helped them gain global reach and build an enduring career. A year later, the Italian band continues to be a worldwide phenomenon: they received more than 1 billion plays globally on YouTube in the past 12 months.

Last Friday, Måneskin premiered the lyric video of their new song “The Loneliest,” which is already considered a significant shift in style.

“The Loneliest is a love and farewell letter, something like a sentimental will, and that’s what we wanted to represent in this video. The atmosphere is kind of gloomy and creates a melancholic world where this big and final love message is able to fight back the sadness due to one’s departure” says Måneskin.

Since it was released, the lyric video has already appeared on YouTube's trending popular videos list in over 25 countries, a few days ahead of the official music video launch today. This is no surprise when we look back to the band’s tracking record on the platform. In only 2 years, Italy’s darling racked up over 4M subscribers and 1.4 Billion views on their YouTube channel.

But while many attribute Måneskin’s success to their style and charisma, the band has strategically used video to amplify the power of their biting melodies and lyrics.

Since the very start of their music career, they’ve been experimenting with different types of videos and formats on YouTube — from Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” cover in 2017, to their debut music video “Chosen” in the same year, or their first documentary series during the “Il Ballo della Vita” tour (2019-2020).

"YouTube has been an important platform for us from the very beginning. We started by uploading there the first videos from the time we were playing on the streets along with the videos of our first performances and of our first unreleased songs" they said.

More recently, the band has been posting on their YouTube channel everything from new releases to live events like the American Music Awards and Circo Massimo to collaborations like Iggy Pop and The Rolling Stones.

"Videoclips allow us to express ourselves all-around and the making of them is always great fun, so it’s a moment and process we always wait for with great excitement” they added.

They’ve also launched a new series of long-form videos called “Måneskin on the road” (with 2 episodes published) and have been using short-form video to connect with their fans in new ways such as teasers, behind the scenes and more.

“To this day YouTube remains the place where we have the chance to share our most personal self through the vlog series. Episode after episode we show our life on tour, in all its aspects” they emphasized.

We can’t wait to see what the new song will bring to the band and its community of 4M fans and where they take us next.