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How Federico Vigevani hit 10M subs in six years

In the six years he’s been uploading regularly, Fede has pretty much done it all.

From a shy new creator to a Uruguayan star with 10 million subs, Federico Vigevani has had one of the biggest transformations in the six years he’s been regularly uploading.

Fede’s known for his vlogs, catchy music videos and songs, and the intense challenges he takes on.

We asked him to walk us through the highlights in his six-year career, and to show us how these big moments led to his rise.

July 2009

Fede uploads his first video at 14 years old.

October 2014

Three months after Fede starts regularly uploading, he steals his mom’s red nail polish to make his first artistic viral video. It now has 5 million views!

June 2020

Fede publishes his favorite song he’s ever written, “No Somos Lobos.” It now has nearly 50 million views.

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