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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Announcing the First "Guru Challenge"

By Sadia Harper

Howto & Style Manager

We are constantly amazed by the YouTube community's creativity and skill, so we wanted to create something special that showcases all of the crafters, chefs, artists, techies and other masters that fearlessly share their genius on the site. Enter the Guru Challenge, in which a variety of experts ask you to show off your creative instincts (and do a little showing off of their own). Take them up on the challenge, and you might find your video featured on the home page for all to see -- not to mention the props you'll get for being favored by some of the best in the business.

Our first Guru Challenge-er is Zoo York, a cutting-edge skateboarding and apparel outfit. These guys seem to have endless imagination and came up with a clever way of spreading the word about their product (hint: it involves throwing cockroaches on suit-types). But now they want to hear from you. Make a response video and show them how you use your creativity to publicize yourself and what you love.

Influential designer, street-style maven and Zoo York supporter Marc Ecko kicks things off with his own response video:

So accept the challenge and show these guys how you spread the word about the things you care about most. And remember: Play it cool, don't disrespect, and you just might find your video blowing up in a New York minute.

Spread it!

Sadia H.