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Growing your Shorts community with #ShortsFriends

Not sure how to network and make peers in the YouTube Shorts space? We're making it easier than ever.

Our YouTube Shorts Creator Community is nothing without our wonderful network of creators. We are able to cultivate and connect creators much in part to working collaboratively with them to build the community together. Many of the rising stars in our Shorts Community come from referrals from fellow Shorts creators.

#shortsfriends how to

Want to join our Shorts Community? We are excited to now open up our referral program through July for the opportunity to join our Shorts Community with #ShortsFriends!

How to participate:

  1. Upload YouTube Shorts with #ShortsFriends

  2. Submit interest to join our Shorts Community here.

From self-taught artists to musical storytellers, get inspired by learning about the journeys of creators who have grown in our Shorts Community through our referral program. “Over that last 6 months I have gained over 200,000 subscribers by posting YouTube Shorts,” recounts creator HeyImDanIzzo. “Being in the YouTube shorts community helped me learn from other people’s experiences and I’ve even made friends at in person shorts events that I talk to every day about content creation. We motivate each other every day and talk about any new features that come out.”

Ready to get started? Discover 4 Shorts creators to watch from our Shorts Community referral program:


Chicago, Illinois

Referred by: Cafe Maddy

Adam Blythe, also known on YouTube as @Thrdfloor, is a dedicated self-taught ceramic artist from Chicago. In his videos, he loves documenting the steps that go into shaping clay into everlasting works of art.

In a world that moves at a rapid pace, Adam finds immense beauty in the deliberate and purposeful process of ceramic creation. He hopes to inspire others to embark on their own creative journey and experience the same joy he has discovered through the art of making with our own hands.

Favorite part of the community: "I love the virtual sessions and getting to know creators in the community. It's really nice to talk with other creatives about how they document their process," Adam shares. "Connecting with creatives across YouTube gives me motivation to keep making. It's so uplifting to see so many like minded people all working towards a collective and similar goal. It really motivates me."

Pixel Playhouse

Los Angeles, California

Referred by: GABI WHITING

Led by writer and director Vijay Nazareth, Pixel Playhouse brings musicals and musical storytelling to the internet, mixing the splashy, big sound of Broadway, Disney, and film music with modern subject matters that reflect our nuanced world.

Favorite part of the Shorts Community: "Creating is a pretty lonely experience generally speaking, so having people to talk to, to bounce ideas off of is invaluable," Vijay says. "No one understands quite the issues we deal with, so being part of a community that is actively thinking about the same things you're thinking about feels so good! We get each other!"

Evelyn Gonzalez

Los Angeles, California

Referred by: Daphnique Springs

Evelyn Gonzalez, a stage-trained actress with a knack for comedic timing, has graced both the Blumhouse film scene and digital platforms with her relatable comedy content, drawing inspiration from her experiences as a first-generation Mexican. Evelyn is currently hard at work on a scripted series and her vlogging series, capturing exciting behind-the-scenes of her acting career, entrepreneurial endeavors, and personal growth, inviting viewers to join her on a captivating journey of self-discovery and success.

Favorite part of the Shorts Community: "I've learned so many amazing tips and was motivated to stay on course and keep pushing forward. It was almost like an accountability group with great gems to help me along the way."


West Haven, Connecticut

Referred by: DominicanJonn

Dan Izzo makes high energy sporting content. He has grown tremendously in the last year on YouTube and hopes to hit a million subscribers by the end of this year!

Favorite part of the Shorts Community: "The Shorts Community has provided me the opportunity to network with other creators in both virtual and in person events. Every week we get invited to a long list of events. I tell everyone to post YouTube shorts because of the growth that it offers for your channel and how great the Shorts Community is."