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Creator and Artist Stories

Green Guru Challenge with Michelle Kaufmann

By Sadia Harper

YouTube Howto & Style

The time has arrived for our next Guru Challenge, the ongoing programming initiative in which we ask a prominent or up-and-coming expert in their field to challenge you, the YouTube community, to use your creativity to new ends.

This month, it's all about using your talents in an eco-conscious way. Michelle Kaufmann, a YouTube architect with a passion for green design, wants to see what you can create with items you would normally throw away:

So come on, gurus and non-gurus alike! Show Michelle (and us) your innovative ideas and we'll feature some of the best ones in our HowTo & Style section and possibly also on the home page.
Put your creative self out there and you just might inspire the YouTube community to do the same.

Our last Guru Challenge featured the ZooYork crew asking about your viral marketing ideas – in light of their own stickers-on-cockroaches-campaign - and you responded with videos that showed you finding interesting places to place your artfun ways you incorporated your friends and family in your videos, and poking a little fun at the concept itself.

Long live DIY,

Sadia H.