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Bringing music and trends from the feed to real life with #ShortsIRL

Creators from our YouTube Shorts Community came together at YouTube’s offices in Los Angeles and New York to hang out, create content, and participate in some of our favorite November trends during our #ShortsIRL event series!

In Los Angeles, we invited musical artist thuy, who discussed her music journey and how YouTube Shorts trends have contributed to her ability to connect with fans. Thuy's powerful voice and raw vulnerability resonated with creators at the event. She recounted her journey, navigating between her parents' well-intentioned desires for a secure path and her own burning passion for music. Check out thuy collaborating with our YouTube Shorts creators.

Following an afternoon of collaboration in New York, we invited creators to experience our YouTube Try a Trend event — an interactive and immersive look back at the year’s top trends.

Check out how to join the trends and see some of our favorite content from creators that attended our event below:

@cosette: Now That We Don’t Talk ☎️

Use this trend to share something you’re so glad you don’t have to pretend to like anymore!

Why We Love It: The Shorts creator hype squad behind Cosette gave us the absolute best energy!

How To Participate: Lip sync along to the lyrics while using text on screen to write out something that you’re glad to not have to lie about liking anymore.

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@marygracedennis: Houdini 🪄

Jump on this POV magic trick trend to share how you react to red flags in relationships!

Why We Love It: This truly feels like a universal experience that we all feel the need to ~ Houdini ~ from.

How To Participate: Share what makes you go houdini and use a jacket, curtain or piece of fabric in sync with the song lyric to pull off your disappearing act.

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@KarmenHuerta: Back It Up ✋

This trend has us on our feet!

Why We Love It: The view and those dance moves together is unmatched!

How To Participate: Follow along with the choreography outlined in the example Shorts and get creative with your outfit or backdrop.