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Four tips for branding your series on YouTube

By Devin McNulty and Jeremy Kaye

Creative Strategy

On YouTube, nothing feels better than creating a hit video. However, turning that hit video into a branded series lets the viewer know that there is "more where that came from," encouraging them to watch more videos and subscribe to not miss future episodes. You recently got a new feature to add intros into videos, and there are many more ways to brand your content, so we wanted to share a few strategies popular YouTube creators tell us about:

1. Use consistent tags and titles

For their Mythical Show series, Rhett & Link use the naming convention “The Mythical Show - Ep.# (Feat. Guest)” to establish that each video is one episode in a larger series. Viewers can quickly see that all of the videos are related, just by looking at the thumbnails.

2. Use consistent branding to start your videos

Tastemade starts each episode with the show’s title “Thirsty For...” overlaid onto the drink of the week, and ends with a preview of the following week’s recipe. Every drink is different, so each video has its own unique typeface and music, but the consistent format binds them together into a single branded series.

3. Share your upload schedule

Tati has a weekly segment titled Tip Tuesday, building her weekly upload schedule into the name of her show. At the beginning of each video, she lets viewers know that they can come back every Tuesday for new episodes.

4. Organize your videos to make it easy for your audience

Crash Course lays out their educational shows in ordered playlists on their homepage. Each show occupies its own channel section for easy browsing, and the viewer just has to click “play” to start a series from episode one.

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