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Follow the Global Row

By Mark Day

YouTube People & Blogs

YouTube users have posted videos from around the world. Now global adventurer Oliver (Olly) Hicks is checking in from the high seas.

Since January, Hicks has been attempting the first solo row around the globe, by circumnavigating Antarctica. He's sharing his two year voyage, the Virgin Global Row, with adventure-lovers around the world thanks to the cutting-edge technology crammed into his 24-foot-long craft, the Flying Carrot. On YouTube, you can subscribe to his channel and see video blogs posted as he travels into some of the world's most hostile marine environments. On his website, you can show your support by joining his site and track his progress with Google Earth.

At YouTube, we've been privileged to experience the personal stories of people from all walks of life, in countless situations. We want to wish Olly all the best in his venture, especially as he demonstrates the ability of video to connect people, even at the farthest reaches of the world.


Mark Day