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Extreme Travel Blogs

By Felicia W.

The YouTube Team

Travel, like life, is a never-ending series of dips and turns. No matter how many hours you spend planning every minor detail, you never know exactly what lies ahead. The adventurous traveler builds these uncertainties into the ultimate challenge. How far can you go? What remote path should you choose? Here's a selection of some of the web's bravest personalities to help you decide: Mitch and Ryan of halfthrottle traveled 8,000 miles through Central and Latin America on their motorcycles. Rob of 14degrees cycled 12,000 kms from Japan to England via central Asia. And Cyril, known here on YouTube as taklamakan01, walked 10,000 kms from Siberia to India. Distance, language barriers, and foreign landscapes stand like mountains waiting to be conquered:

Rather stay at home? Well, just pull up a chair and enjoy their rides!

Safe travels (virtual or not),

Felicia W.

The YouTube Team