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Creator and Artist Stories

Expanding paid channels to more partners and countries

By Devon Storbeck and Christine Wang

YouTube Partner Support

Many of you have been asking for more flexibility in distributing and monetizing your content, which is why we worked with a pilot group of partners to launch the first paid channels on YouTube. These are new YouTube channels with monthly subscription fees starting at $0.99, adding even more ways to build audiences and turn your passion into your profession.

Today is the next step in offering you more ways to monetize your content through paid channels, now available to eligible partners in good standing with a channel that has least 10,000 existing subscribers. In addition to the 10 countries where paid channels are already available, you can also create and subscribe to paid channels in Mexico, with more countries launching in coming months. If you’re interested in creating a paid channel and fit these requirements, visit your Account Features page to enable the feature.

All paid channels will continue to have a 14-day free trial, to give your potential viewers the opportunity to explore your content. Viewers can also now discover and subscribe to your channel from YouTube’s mobile website, and we’ll keep adding more devices from which viewers can subscribe.

Just as the Partner Program empowered creators to build great channels over the last six years, we look forward to seeing how you use this additional business model to build your audience on YouTube.