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YouTube Creator BrookeAshley

#CrownAndGlory: 5 Questions with BrookeAshley from The Beverly Halls

The matriarch of a unique family shares how perseverance is power.

Inspired by spring – a season for renewal and reaping the fruits of our labor – we’ve launched #CrownAndGlory, a month-long series celebrating Black women creators who have been hard at work planting seeds to build a better world for themselves and the next generation of content creators. By telling these stories, we hope to give this community their overdue flowers (or praise) and empower more creators to share their story both on and off YouTube

YouTube Creator BrookeAshley poses in a pink dress while smelling a flower

BrookeAshley Hall is the matriarch of The Beverly Halls, a tight-knit blended family of five who have danced, pranked, and vlogged their way into the hearts of millions on YouTube. A quick scroll through their Shorts and you’ll discover dozens of fun challenges and trends, but the family isn’t afraid to also share their darkest moments with their followers.

While it might be easier to only show their rosier moments, BrookeAshley knows there’s a lot of power in being more vulnerable with the world. “There is no such thing as a perfect family, and we really like to show that through our content.” In her #CrownAndGlory interview, BrookeAshley told us more about her mission on YouTube, her journey to empowerment as a woman and more.

In a nutshell, what is a cause or mission you feel strongly about elevating on your channel?

Brooke: I want to put out positivity within the black community as a whole and showcase a more brandable narrative. You don't necessarily have to stick to every trend to be considered worthy of being on YouTube. If there's something that isn't within your morals and value code, you don't have to do that. And we want other black creators to feel, as well as creators everywhere, that you can be true to yourself. Your people will find you and they will love you.

If you could have a conversation with your younger self about what you’ve accomplished today, what would you say?

Brooke: If someone would've told me where I would be today when I was 15 years old – scared, alone and pregnant with my firstborn son – I would've never believed them. If you're going through a hard time or you feel like you're not enough, just believe in yourself and start putting your best foot forward. If you know you have tried your absolute best, then anything is a reality for you. It might not happen for years, but when it happens you will know that there was so much power behind that. Without that story, I wouldn't have my crown that I wear today. Every one of these little flowers is a different trial and tribulation that I had to overcome in order to get to this place in my life.

Why is sharing your story with the world so important to you?

Brooke: I want people to know that just because they had a bad circumstance, it doesn't mean they have to have a bad life. Just because they were maybe raised dysfunctionally, it doesn't mean they have to operate in dysfunction. I started off living in a trailer. I watched my single mother of three grind herself to raise us, and work her way up. So never think that because you weren't handed everything that you can't make everything of your life.

I know that every single obstacle that was placed in front of me, it's never been something that I haven't been able to overcome with hard work, perseverance and dedication.”

What makes you feel empowered?

Brooke: I feel empowered as a woman because I know that every single obstacle that was placed in front of me, it's never been something that I haven't been able to overcome with hard work, perseverance and dedication. I just know that it might have been tough and it might have been uncertain, and I might not have understood exactly how I was gonna get there or what the route was gonna be – but I do feel like I'm empowered as a woman by knowing that I have the ability to change that at any given time. I can change my journey and that's my power.