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Introducing September’s featured creators on the rise

Up and coming creators share what inspired them to start their channels.

If you look at the most popular videos on a creator’s channel, it isn’t uncommon for one of those videos to be an origin story of how creators rose to the top. It’s proof that fans have an innate fascination with learning how others find and nurture their passions, whether it’s hearing how a chef discovered their signature cuisine, a DIY creator developed a knack for upcycling or a gamer became devoted to certain characters and storylines. Of equal interest is what inspires someone to want to share their passion with others through video.

WIth that in mind, we turned to the creators from this month’s featured Creators on the Rise, a program that celebrates emerging channels, and asked them to tell us: what gave them the impetus to start their channel.

Learn more about their beginnings below, and head to the full playlist to watch their videos and more.

ProudMane, a self-described “natural hair enthusiast” sharing styling and treatment tips.

“I wanted to start a YouTube channel to teach individuals how to grow their hair and maintain both scalp and hair health using ayurvedic herbs and holistic treatments. I was inspired by my daughters. Growing up, I had no one to teach me the basics, such as hair type, hair texture or even what products are best for hair like mine. I wanted to make sure my daughters never have that issue and can implement a healthy hair care regimen.”

Beth Grace Moore, a lifestyle vlogger who takes audiences inside her life as a new mom.

“I wanted to start a YouTube channel for years before I actually took the plunge. I purchased a camera and a cheap ring light to get started, but both boxes sat neatly away in my closet while I struggled through the same thoughts that most aspiring creators have at first: ‘What will people think? "Will anyone actually watch these videos?’

In November of 2020, I decided to quiet those thoughts and film my first video — not for anyone else, but for myself. I dreamt of having a creative space to share about the things that I loved, whether it be interior design, homemaking, clean beauty, marriage or motherhood. Not only has my channel become my own personal scrapbook of memories from the past couple of years, but it's also become a place where women across the world can feel seen and encouraged.

Starting a YouTube channel changed my life, and my hope is that I can change the lives of others through the content I create. I'm so glad I finally built up the courage to hit 'record'.”

Craftastrophe, a sculptor constructing detailed characters who serve as stop-motion leads.

“When the Covid lockdown went into place in the United States in March of 2020 it was an adjustment for me. Initially, it didn't seem that bad as I didn’t have to do anything but sculpt — which I have always loved — and work on my own projects. Fast-forward four months later and I had spiraled into a deep, dark depression and lost all my motivation. One ray of sunshine that penetrated into this darkness was a YouTube channel called The Crafsman, Steady Craftin. It was filled with the most creative crafting videos that I had ever seen and it eventually gave me a spark of inspiration. I poured myself into trying to create something that would live in the same world as Crafsman's channel, but still be unique unto itself.

Several months after I started the channel, Crafsman contacted me and told me that he wanted to help people find my channel. I had 175 subscribers at the time. I thought to myself, ‘This is surreal!’ True to his word, Crafsman made an entire video highlighting my channel and I was off to the races. Since then Crafsman and I have been fast friends!

Today my channel is still small in the grand universe of YouTube, but I try as often as possible to highlight other YouTube creators who motivate or entertain me.”

Into the Wardrobe, a fan of all things Narnia, who breaks down C.S. Lewis’s fantastical world.

“This channel is at the intersection of my passion to create, my desire to make the world a better place, and my need to make extra income for my family. I had been kicking around different channel ideas for a while, but it wasn't until I had discovered the emerging genre of lore channels that I found exactly what I was looking for: a well developed franchise that is beloved around the world and was full of wholesome content that could be used to inspire an broad audience. To my shock I discovered that there was virtually no other channel in this space, despite the fact that a major streaming service had recently spent nine figures purchasing the film rights! I knew that if I didn't jump at the chance to make my mark in this space, someone else would beat me to it. The rewards of this work have been far greater than I could have imagined: beyond the creative satisfaction and the financial benefit, the community that has been created around this channel is truly something special.”

Tyler Cocci, a theme park pro with insights on must-visit rides.

“I've been watching YouTube for ages, but I've always yearned to be the one behind the camera. I didn't have the equipment or the know-how to make videos, but I was still determined to help others and spread my stories and experiences. I was sparked by other creators, specifically Casey Neistat, who inspired me to ‘Do What You Can't’ - It was with this incredible community of creators that I was able to find this new determination to create.”

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