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YouTube creator Vivian Aronson Cookingbomb

Creator CEOs: Women-owned brands to shop on YouTube

From skincare to athleisure, chili sauce, slime, and beyond, we’re seeing women creators take to YouTube to not only share their stories, but also to diversify their income through brand building, as another avenue to engage their community and make money. What’s more, creators globally are connecting their stores to their YouTube channel to offer their audience an easy way to shop their products directly on their page.

This International Women’s Day, as part of our Creator CEO series, we’re excited to highlight women-owned brands from creators around the world in our YouTube Shorts Creator Community - that you can shop directly on YouTube!

Check out how these 7 women creators around the world have built their brands and head to YouTube to shop women-owned brands this International Women’s Day and beyond!



Founded by Lovely Bryana

Tell us about your brand: Our mission at LovelyB’s is to empower Black women to celebrate their unique journey to self-love. Born from the vibrant spirit of South Central Los Angeles, our brand is a testament to the resilience and beauty of our community. We believe that true beauty radiates from within, and our natural haircare products are crafted with this principle in mind. We use clean and natural ingredients, ensuring that every product nurtures and enhances the natural beauty of all Black hair types. At LovelyB’s, we're not just selling haircare products; we're fostering a movement of self-love and empowerment. Join us in embracing your natural beauty and celebrating the beauty of Blackness in all its forms.

What is the inspiration for launching your brand: LovelyB’s was and still is inspired by my journey to self-love. Our journey began with a personal quest for self-love and acceptance, and we are dedicated to sharing that journey with every customer. We strive to create a space where Black women feel seen, valued, and celebrated for who they truly are.

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Kimono Mom


Founded by Kimono Mom

Tell us about your brand: Our mission is to spread Japanese home cooking to the world. UMAMI SAUCE, which is vegan, gluten-free, non-alcoholic, and MSG-free, was created with the hope that everyone in the world can enjoy Japanese food. Kitchen tools, such as the Donabe, were created for the authentic Japanese handcrafted experience. All products will bring the essence of Japan to the customers home, wherever they may be.

What is the inspiration for launching your brand: My channel started as a love letter to my daughter, Sutan. It's meant for her to look back on the videos in the future, showing her how loved she was and to help her recreate the home cooking she grew up with. I wanted to inspire people to connect with their roots to live strong lives, and I saw this as an opportunity for my viewers. Lots of viewers have expressed difficulty in recreating home cooking recipes with the ingredients they have in their own home town, so I developed kitchen tools and UMAMI SAUCE to enable anyone in the world to replicate these dishes. My goal is to make Japanese home cooking accessible to a worldwide audience by creating products and a sauce that simplify and enhance the cooking experience. Most Japanese dishes require numerous ingredients for seasoning, which is why I created UMAMI SAUCE—to encapsulate all those flavors in one bottle!

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OG Slimes


Founded by Christine Ly, Co-owner: Olivya Soth of OG Slimes

Tell us about your brand: As first generation, Gen Z slime creators, we are proud of the unique slimes we have brought to life and the joy we have brought to our customers. Our passion has allowed us to incorporate parts of ourselves into the work, resulting in unique slimes that reflect our interests and personalities. But beyond the aesthetics, what we value most is the ability to connect with others and bring out our inner child through these creations. It makes us happy to see people of all ages excited and curious as they explore the different textures, colors, themes and scents of our slimes. We are grateful that we can create a space of joy and relaxation where others can let go of their worries and simply enjoy the moment.

What is the inspiration for launching your brand: The OG Slimes story began in 2016 when Christine stumbled upon a video of slime on Instagram! Intrigued by the concept, she dove deep into the world of slime, determined to learn everything there was to know about it. However, at the time, the industry was niche, and there was a lack of information available online. Christine sourced her own ingredients and began experimenting with different textures. Within a year, Christine’s slimes blew up on Instagram. One slime in particular, Butter OG, stood out as it was the first-ever butter slime texture. As the demand for Christine’s slimes grew, she expanded the business. Soon after, Christine and Olivya met in Japan and accidentally became best friends. Olivya eventually became co-owner of OG Slimes, and the two continued to share their creativity through slime and grow the business further year after year.

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Founded by Ava Lee

Tell us about your brand: byAVA is an ingestible beauty brand selling herbal tea elixirs and skin boosting supplements to nourish that inner glow. We believe that beauty comes from within!

What is the inspiration for launching your brand: I started byAVA out of a need to share my mom’s antioxidant-rich, holistic recipes with my audience. Growing up in Korea and China, I was surrounded by ancient herbs, superfoods, and fortunately, my family’s secret traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations. Upon moving to the United States for college, I noticed how my health and energy levels were on a decline. My skin and body began longing for my mom’s homemade tea elixirs that provide inner and outer nourishment. Today, I am determined to bring her intentionally curated beauty elixirs and concoctions to your kitchen so we can all experience how food can be medicine and a catalyst for beauty.

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Lumier Label


Founded by Robbi Jan

Tell us about your brand: Lumier Label is an innovative optical brand that is on a mission to redefine eyewear. One single blue light frame that is wearable four ways. Our mission is less is more. Quality is everything. Fashion meets function.

What is the inspiration for launching your brand: My inspiration was to fuse fashion with function. I travel a lot and found myself packing four+ pairs of sunglasses and blue light glasses for a trip. We spend so much time staring at screens, so combining a blue light frame with three interchangeable lenses made sense. It’s unisex, fashion forward and functional. It solves a problem and offers diverse options, where you’re getting four pairs in one. Glasses are available in a luxe silver or Japanese half gold frame, with magnets on the borders of the blue light frames that allow for the blue, black or yellow lenses to be applied seamlessly.

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Founded by CookingBomb

Tell us about your brand: As a Chinese mom cooking influencer, my brand is all about sharing the authentic flavors of Chinese cuisine with my audience. I am passionate about preserving the traditional recipes passed down from my grandmother and bringing the taste of my hometown to people around the world. My mission is to introduce Chinese culture and real authentic Chinese food to my audience. My signature product is the Cookingbomb chili sauce, a recipe that has been in my family for generations. What sets my chili sauce apart from others in the market is its authenticity and unique use of Er Jin Tiao chili peppers. These peppers, found only in Sichuan, provide a medium level of heat but are bursting with incredible fragrance. This combination of flavors creates a truly remarkable taste experience that cannot be replicated with any other chili sauce.

What is the inspiration for launching your brand: I have been eating and cooking with my grandma's chili sauce for all my life. I wanted to share this with my audience - through my Cookingbomb chili sauce, I hope to transport my customers to the vibrant streets of Sichuan, where the aroma of spices fills the air and every bite is a celebration of authentic Chinese cuisine.

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Ju Toque de Mágica


Founded by Juliana Silva of JU Toque de Mágica

Tell us about your brand: Ju Toque de Mágica is a live character company, where my skilled team is dedicated to delivering a unique experience to bring to life children’s dreams. With over half a million subscribers on my channel, it has become a space where I not only can promote my characters through looks, makeup, and fun videos, but also creates visibility for my company located in Rio de Janeiro. For me, Shorts is much more than just a place to connect with my audience; it's also about creating new business opportunities. My content and brand allow me to have an active relationship with my engaged and passionate community.

What is the inspiration for launching your brand: As a teacher, I love working with children and having the opportunity to make their dreams come true; that's what inspires me the most.