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Creating relatable content with Beautyfool

We talk to Korean creator Beautyfool to get the lowdown on how she finds success on her channel creating relatable videos — regardless of language barriers.

Ari, the creator behind the channel Beautyfool, is a producer who works at a content production company. Full of creativity and talent, she got into creating content on YouTube through a nudge and push of peers. Through some experimentation, she landed some success through a viral video that netted her 100,000 views in less than three months. Today, Ari creates entertaining episodes of what might happen at part-time jobs, high school and in the daily lives of Koreans — staging situations that people can easily relate to. She hopes to grow her channel as one of the most popular channels where trends and memes start.

Where did you get inspiration for your Shorts?

I like to share my experience with people, and through observation. Indoor climbing, for example, is something I've noticed has become super trendy so I decided to make a video about what would happen if I tried it. I called it "First Day Review" as a series.

How many takes did you have to do for these shorts?

Usually, it takes about 15 minutes, but it can take up to 30 minutes. I usually do two to three takes for each scene. I try to shoot quickly because I try to make three Shorts in a week.

While you publish a lot of Shorts, you're also experimenting with long form. How do you work across these formats?

It's true — while I do publish Shorts multiple times a week, I'm making an effort to try more long forms to increase the subscription conversion rate. My goal is to make about three long forms a month.

Recently, the Beautyfool channel attracted 100,000 new subscribers in just a month with Documentary Hwang Eunjung, a long form series that consists of four episodes chronicling the life of a Korean student. Viewers really got into this, and I'm hoping to use long form to provide a more in-depth series.

Are there certain analytics metrics that you reference when content planning?

I look at audience retention. Since I make shorts, I try to hook viewers in the beginning, but I also try to improve the quality of the entire video instead of simply trying to captivate viewers at the start. As for videos that show a sharp decrease in audience retention midway through the video, I try to compensate for what was lacking from the previous video.

For example, I posted a Short series about daily lives. I thought that in order to deliver a better narrative I paid more attention to the early build-up; however the Shorts didn't get many views as I'd hope. So for the next video, I made a different approach in video composition by placing the core part of the story in the front, or used the inner voice of the character to explain the situation of the story. The second Short was more well-received that I was happy with my new approach/experiment!

Because my channel consists of fictional characters I created, I even made Instagram accounts for those characters and I communicate with viewers through comments in these accounts.”


Any tips on editing that you use often nowadays?

With Shorts, it's important to make then often and quickly — so I don't pay much attention to editing. Rather, I focus my attention on acting.

What about how to best engage with your audience?

Currently, I try to upload about one long form video and three Shorts a week at the same time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also actively use Instagram. Because my channel consists of fictional characters I created, I even made Instagram accounts for those characters and I communicate with viewers through comments in these accounts. It's a really fun way to bring viewers into my universe!

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It's hard to believe but we're already nearly half way through the year. What are your goals for the rest of 2023?

I hope the Beautyfool channel cements its position on YouTube! Currently, I am aiming to reach 800,000 subscribers. Is this too ambitious a dream? I guess we'll see!

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