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Check out these 6 travel creators building their presence on YouTube Shorts

Get inspired for your next trip!

Need inspo for your next travel destination? These Shorts creators have you covered!

Whether it’s finding your next luxury hotel stay or your next outdoor adventure, these 6 travel creators have been leaning into Shorts to share their experiences with you! Check them out below and book that next trip!

Creator: @EricandSarah

Based in Vancouver, Canada

A little bit about Eric and Sarah’s content: Eric and Sarah have been traveling full-time for 2.5 years, creating videos throughout the Americas showing other travelers where to go, what to do and how to do it! They are currently exploring Canada (their home) by campervan for the summer before returning to international adventures in the fall.

Go-To Travel Destination: "Mexico! We absolutely love our time in Mexico because the people are so kind, the food is incredible and there's such a variety of landscapes/climates to experience!"

What is your favorite travel short on your channel? Would You Hike an Active Volcano?

Creator: @AliceFordAdventures

Based in Los Angeles, CA

A little bit about her travel content: Alice is an adventure filmmaker that loves to share off the beaten path adventures, national parks, epic hikes and bucket list places to explore while also sharing travel hacks.

Go-To Travel Destination: "Ecuador is a country full of biodiversity, rich culture, amazing mountains for hiking, wonderful wildlife and a plethora of activities for people that love nature."

What is your favorite travel short on your channel?One week left to spend all my $$$$ where are we off to next????

Creator: @hetisdemerckx

Based in Antwerp, Belgium

A little bit about their travel content: Yannick and Lesley’s channel is for anyone planning a trip to Belgium or beyond, as it features travel vlogs, practical travel tips, and unique inspiration. Their enthusiasm for travel is infectious, and their videos will make you want to pack your bags and hit the road.

Go-To Travel Destination: "Capetown - South Africa - amazing mix between nature, city and delicious food"

What is your favorite travel short on your channel? Cascate Del Mulino Di Saturnia, Tuscany Italy

Creator: @Piffanyandco

Based in Austin, TX

A little bit about her travel content: Tiffany loves creating aesthetic videos with personal touches to help make travel easier. She always wished there was more thorough content with tips and tricks for her specific destination so she’s making content for others like herself. She is working on adding more voiceover edits so that she can relate to her audience more!

Go-To Travel Destination: "Japan! I feel like it is a bucket list destination for many people and definitely lived up to the hype!"

What is your favorite travel short on your channel? CLAW MACHINE frenzy in Japan!

Creator: @Adoredonnie

Based in Greenville, South Carolina

A little bit about her travel content: Donyell Johnson, aka Adore Donnie, is a passionate and experienced blogger and content creator who loves to bring words and visuals to life. With a strong background in all things creative and a zest for storytelling, she has been crafting engaging content for a variety of mediums.

Go-To Travel Destination: "The Grandover Resort & Spa in Greensboro, NC. It's perfect for a quick getaway, and you don't have to break the bank to visit. Grandover would make a wonderful staycation for those who are only a few hours away."

What is your favorite travel short on your channel? Walk with me at Grandover Resort & Spa Hotel’s Garden in Greensboro, NC

Creator: @Celine.linarte

Based in Los Angeles, California

A little bit about her travel content: Celine focuses on travel, food, and lifestyle and loves sharing more about her experiences and culture. She just hit her 50th country and hopes to be able to give value and ideas on what to do and eat while traveling!

Go-To Travel Destination: "Japan. I am obsessed with all things Japanese, especially the food. There's so many amazing cultural aspects to discover, and I still have so many bookmarks to visit there!"

What is your favorite travel short on your channel? Self Heating Bento Boxes