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diwali celebration

Celebrate Diwali on Shorts

Diwali season is upon us! From creative Rangoli decorations, festive kurta inspo, GRWMs, and more, we’ve seen creators in our YouTube Shorts Creator Community spreading the light of Diwali across the globe - from NYC to Mumbai and beyond.

In New York, we kicked off the celebrations at Diwali at Times Square, where YouTube creators got to join in on the fun.

On November 9, we brought Google and YouTube employees together with YouTube creators for a festive Diwali celebration at the Google NY office. We spotlighted South Asian-owned brands, where attendees could discover products from CTZN Cosmetics, Pyarful, The Chai Box, Rupee Beer, Tinto, Nehal & Co., and the Bhakti Center. There were several performances including a magic show from AMagicMan and interactive dances.

Want to share your own Diwali magic? Join in on these Diwali Moments on Shorts.

Fashion: GRWM/Diwali looks

Join the 'Get Ready with Me - Diwali Edition' trend and immerse yourself in the festive spirit! From intricate henna designs to vibrant traditional attire, makeup magic, and hair styling, open your doors to show the beautiful transformation in getting ready for Diwali.

Check out more festive GRWMs from Shriya jain vlogs, Ishpreet Dang, and B4 AINUUS

DIY: Make this Diwali extra special with the DIY Diwali trend

Embrace the joy of crafting and creativity as we dive into the art of making unique, traditional, and vibrant Diwali decorations and crafts.

Keep the creativity going with DIY inspo from Greeneshia Art House and _rtmaniac _

Diwali Special Food: Embrace the culinary vibrancy of the festival of lights

This Diwali, let's celebrate the rich tapestry of flavors and dishes that define this joyous occasion. Indulge in the joyous spirit of Diwali by sharing your special, mouthwatering Diwali recipes and unique culinary experiences.

Explore more flavors from Zaiba Food Court, World of Chetana, and Eats by Ramya

Comedy/POV: Light up your Diwali celebrations with humor and joy

Share your comedic takes on Diwali traditions, funny relatable stories, and moments that have brought laughter and cheer into your celebrations. From hilarious mishaps with fireworks to amusing encounters during the festivities, every giggle brings us closer together.

Keep the laughs coming with SANDESH MHASKE and Mai Mohini