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Looking for the best football commentary on YouTube? We’ve got you covered.

From off-the-field sparks flying to debating who has the best defense in the league, football fans are coming to YouTube to find commentary and insights on this and so much more. As we head into Week 9 of the NFL season, fans are diving into game strategy, team stats, and rival matchups…so we’re here to point you in the right direction for some of the best creator commentary on YouTube. We spoke to a few sports commentary creators about what makes their channels unique, their Super Bowl predictions, and the biggest surprises of the season so far. Here’s what they had to say:

Tom Grossi

What makes his commentary unique: I've been commentating games since 2018 and over the years I have found that there is a desire for passionate fan commentary over the traditional broadcast. Of course being a Packers fan, those are some of the most exciting streams, but at the end of the day, I am also a diehard football fan. So I bring that enthusiasm and passion into every stream, while also staying up to date with all 32 fanbases to try and really get a pulse on what each community is feeling. It allows the commentary to not only be a great source of entertainment, but is also relatable to every NFL fan base.

Super Bowl match-up prediction right now: As of right now, the 49ers look like the best team in the league. In the AFC, the Dolphins are pretty electrifying, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the 49ers vs. Dolphins at the Super Bowl.

Biggest surprise so far this season: This NFL season has been pretty chaotic so far. Besides the top 2-3 teams, I think the biggest surprise is that it really feels like "any given Sunday" meaning that any team can beat another. That's what makes it so exciting for me to watch and commentate because you never know what you're going to get.

Hablemos de Football (Jesús Sánchez)

What makes his commentary unique: In just 3 minutes, we inform our community about the latest and most relevant news and updates in the NFL, with trusted reports and sources, important details and quotes from around the league. Also, we have a very big and healthy community, so the comment section also provides a space where debate and dialogue takes place

Super Bowl match-up prediction right now: My Super Bowl prediction right now is the San Francisco 49ers beating the Miami Dolphins. Probably the most high flying offenses in the NFL would be a very entertaining matchup on the biggest stage, as well as two of the biggest fan bases here in Mexico and Latin America.

Biggest surprise so far this season: The biggest surprise this NFL season so far are the Texans. Yes, they might have a losing record right now, but the way CJ Stroud, as a rookie QB, and DeMeco Ryans, as a rookie head coach, have changed the style and mentality of that franchise in just 5 weeks is pretty impressive. They are poised for bigger things in the near future

Action Network

What makes their commentary unique: Sports fans today want to win and they want to be smarter than their friends. We make that happen by digging deeper than anyone else for unique angles--from advanced analytics to play calling edges to locker room drama. That’s why our reporting, insights, analysis and opinions are trusted by users, respected by insiders and followed by bettors. Our intel makes an impact.

Super Bowl match-up prediction right now: Bills vs. Eagles

Biggest surprise so far this season: The combination of the Chiefs on-field dominance and the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce romance creating a perfect storm that makes the NFL even more popular than it was before.

The Volume

What makes his commentary unique: Colin gives his instant reactions as soon as the biggest games end. He realized sports fans don’t want to wait until the morning, they want to get his take right after the final whistle. And he doesn’t hold back. On The Volume, Colin is more authentic and raw than he’s ever been, while still serving up the unique brand of analogies that make him unlike any other voice in sports talk. Who else can compare Daniel Jones to Vanilla Ice?

Super Bowl match-up prediction right now: Too close to call

Biggest surprise so far this season: How disappointing the Denver Broncos have been

Katie Feeney

What makes her commentary unique: I like to show NFL games from a different perspective. The behind the scenes, showing my audience all of the things they don’t get to see when they watch the games! The players always show up in style so it’s fun to showcase their fashion, especially the arrival outfits! One of my favorite things to do at the games is interview and interact with the fans!

Super Bowl match-up prediction right now: San Francisco 49ers vs. the Miami Dolphins

Biggest surprise so far this season: This one is easy! Hands down, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift dating! Who would have ever seen that coming?

Scooter Magruder

What makes his commentary unique: What makes my commentary so unique is that I emulate what Cowboys fans are saying, sometimes word for word. Other creators opt for a more comedic tone, but I go for more realism. Countless times people have commented “I thought the exact same thing” during the game! It also helps that I was one of the first people to create sports reaction videos on YouTube and also have worked with the Cowboys and AT&T (AT&T Stadium) in the past.

Super Bowl match-up prediction right now: My preseason Super Bowl prediction was Cowboys vs. Ravens and I’m sticking to it.

Biggest surprise so far this season: The biggest surprise of the season is the Eagles continually making good trade deals for little to no capital. They literally got Kevin Byard for crumbs.

The Pivot

What makes their commentary unique:

Ryan Clark: I don’t know if it makes my commentary unique in itself, but it’s my authenticity that makes it uniquely me. Whether it’s pop culture and hip hop metaphors or social commentary based on my life experiences every thought is mine. I don’t attempt to appease any group of people or follow any agenda. I want to be able to stand on my own two feet at all times, & I never want to be anyone’s puppet.

Channing Crowder: Most people live in the moment with sports but I really try to look at the big picture from year to year. And I make things fun. I understand that life is hard so I try to bring a joyous approach every time I speak. If anything can be said with an upbeat tone or joking delivery, I make an effort to at least get a smirk outta somebody that’s watching.

Fred Taylor: Transparency and vulnerability make my commentary unique

Super Bowl match-up prediction right now:

Channing Crowder: 49ers vs. Bills

Fred Taylor: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Detroit Lions

Ryan Clark: 49ers vs. Dolphins

Biggest surprise so far this season:

Channing Crowder: The fact that the Lions are going to be a problem in the NFC

Fred Taylor: Detroit Lions

Ryan Clark: Denver Broncos