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Introducing August’s featured Creators on the Rise

Emerging creators on the videos that helped their channels take off.

While each creator experiences their own, unique path on YouTube, many are able to pinpoint the video — or series of videos — that took their channel in a new direction. For some, these are the videos that brought them subscriber growth; for others, they’re the videos that brought more engagement with existing audiences. Either way, the concepts at the center of these videos often offer valuable insights about the kinds of content that resonates with viewers today.

To learn more about these turning points, we turned to the creators from this month’s featured Creators on the Rise, a global program that recognizes up-and-coming channels, and asked them to...

Tell us about a video they made that changed their channel’s trajectory.

Read their anecdotes below, then head to the full playlist to meet others, including a Ulkatcho artist teaching beadwork techniques and a DIYer with sustainable tips.

Drink Tea & Travel, a nomadic couple sharing their travels from Indonesia to the Florida Keys.

“The video that had the largest impact on our YouTube channel was our Van Tour video. During Covid, we did what most people did, and that was to find a way to travel locally. We converted an awesome Sprinter into a luxury home on wheels and shared our van tour with the world on YouTube. The video has accumulated almost 900,000 views since being posted and helped grow our channel by about 40 percent.

This also led to us creating more content tailored to the DIY van conversion enthusiast which has performed well and helped many viewers realize their dream builds.”

Rice Bowl, a foodie posting Shorts that document delicious, daily meals.

“During the experimental phase on this channel I had the idea to post ‘Everything I Eat in a Day’ videos. But there was just one problem… I didn’t exactly have an exciting life! In an era where everything is getting more over the top for better or worse, would anyone even bother watching a vlogger with an everyday normal life? So I decided to use this to my advantage and challenged myself to find beauty in the mundane and showcase it in [my] videos.

After posting this type of content daily for a couple of weeks, I started seeing an increase in views and subscribers. But I also noticed an increase in something I was not expecting: comments. I got comments from viewers around the world and it was crazy that such a diverse group of people were gathering in the comments section of some random guy uploading daily food vlogs. And while seeing the subscriber and view count increase is exciting, having the audience interaction has been the most enjoyable part for me on this whole YouTube journey.”

hoppang, a vlogger covering the ins and outs of university life and summer travel.

“Although my ‘what's in my university backpack’ video helped my channel grow, I believe that the video titled ‘flying to south korea alone’ was the video that truly changed the trajectory of my channel.

Before this video, my life revolved around my studies. Though university is exciting, I had trouble distinguishing my school life from my creative passions. By documenting my journey back to my roots in South Korea, I had the pleasure of sharing the beauty and wonder of Korean culture with subscribers from around the world.”

UnViewer, a manga fan breaking down the best buys and new releases.

Les samouraïs dans les mangas ! - MangAnalyse #6 took me a lot of time to research, write and edit. I discuss three mangas about samurais, while also presenting the historical context during which these stories take place.

This video was incredibly well-received by my community, and they rewarded me with very positive comments. It has really motivated me to produce interesting content that brings value to my audience and that allows me to have fun while creating it.”

Return to this space in September for a look at a new group of Creators on the Rise.