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12 inspiring APAHM creators making waves on YouTube Shorts

As we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, YouTube Shorts is honored and proud to spotlight the diverse Shorts creator community.

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we're turning the spotlight on our incredibly talented Shorts creator community. Throughout the month of May, YouTube will be overflowing with fantastic content from our APAHM creators while they share their #MyAPAHMStory.

Basic Sunday Cooking

Atlanta, GA

Basic Sunday Cooking, a Korean-American based in Atlanta, GA, began posting recipe Shorts about 3 years ago after a humble egg rice dish went viral. She specializes in providing easy Korean recipes, simplifying them for those who want to make the dishes at home. After consistently posting recipes on Shorts 2-3 times a week for a year, Jessica started to see an uptick in views, growing from an average of 500 to 10,000 views per video! As a full-time recipe content creator, Jessica hopes to continue to provide approachable Korean recipes to her growing audience.


Los Angeles, CA

Hershy is a creator who focuses on how her South Asian identity influences her life, from fashion to college experiences. She started creating Shorts about a year ago, and recently attended a YouTube Creator Collective event where she was inspired by the strength and kindness of the YouTube Community.


Brooklyn, NY

Grace, a fiber artist and fashion/lifestyle creator on YouTube Shorts, shares her passion for knitting and crocheting with her community. Having learned the crafts from her grandmother in Chinese at the age of seven, Grace has always loved recreating designer looks and coming up with her own original designs. Now, she shares the process behind her work on YouTube, expressing her gratitude for the continued support from her followers.

Jeffrey Chang

Los Angeles, NYC and Montreal

Jeffrey Chang has been a creator since 2008. He is a singer-songwriter that loves creating content showcasing his music skills. In addition to music content, Jeffrey loves to create lifestyle videos to help people get to know him from a different angle.


New York & LA

Jasmine is an avid foodie who loves to travel while sharing her food adventures with her community. She enjoys teaching others about new foods they’ve never seen before and loves to try new foods on camera. Jasmine believes that cooking should be fun and inviting, and thinks her recipes reflect that. Shorts has helped Jasmine grow on the YouTube platform and has been a great way for her to connect with viewers.

Jina The Gorgeous

San Jose, CA

Jina’s Shorts journey began in 2021. As an immigrant, Jina’s Korean background and Asian culture seemed “odd” to some. She believes that we often perceive unfamiliar things as "weird," yet as we become more acquainted with these things, they become "not so weird." This was how Jina started talking about her unique Asian culture online, which turned into the "Weird, Not So Weird" culture series on her YouTube channel.


Los Angeles, CA

Malvika is an Indian American food, fashion, and beauty creator based in Los Angeles, who has served as a unique voice in the space with her South Asian perspective. Her vibrant culture has influenced her content and has allowed her to creatively express herself through her cooking, styling, and/or makeup routine videos.

The One Shu

Los Angeles, CA

Shuang Hu started off on YT shorts at the end of the pandemic when the acting industry was still shut down. She found purpose on Shorts creating relationship and relatable content that empowers women but also sheds light on the Asian American experience. She made a popular video titled “If Barbie was Asian” that truly resonated with her fans. Shuang Hu started off with 500 subscribers in March 2021 and now has over 7 million subscribers. She can't wait to continue her journey on YouTube Shorts!

The CrunchBros

Fountain Valley, CA

The CrunchBros, a father-son ASMR and Mukbang duo, have been captivating viewers with their culinary adventures since 2020. Their shared passion for food and life has resonated with audiences, propelling them to a milestone of over 1 million subscribers in December 2023.

jasmine le

Los Angeles, CA

Jasmine is a 23-year-old Vietnamese American woman who embarked on her YouTube journey at just 13 years old. She strives to provide the Southeast Asian representation she yearned for during her childhood. With a focus on fashion, lifestyle, and makeup tutorials tailored to Asian eye shapes, she utilizes YouTube Shorts as a platform to connect with new audiences, share her story, and promote diversity in the beauty space.

Crazy Korean Cooking

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Grace from Crazy Korean Cooking documents the adventures of her Korean parents who recently moved to the US. The channel follows their experiences as they explore the new food and culture of America and other parts of the world.

YouTube Academy

University students from across the US and Canada have been actively participating in the #YouTubeAcademy content creation sprint to develop their creation skills. As part of this initiative, students from PISA National are showcasing their Pasifika heritage through original content celebrating Pasifika culture, people, and the Blue Pacific region.