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AnyoneButMeWebSeries is March’s YouTube partner On The Rise

By Christine Wang and Devon Storbeck

YouTube Partner Support

Congratulations to AnyoneButMeWebSeries! The award-winning web series is our featured “On The Rise” partner for March and takes the stage in the “Spotlight” section of the YouTube homepage today.

 Shot on location in NYC and LA and written and produced by Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward, Anyone But Me centers around gay, straight and ethnically diverse teenagers who deal with all-too-common questions about identity and modern relationships. Throughout the series, viewers may identify with the emotional struggles of moving, relationship changes and being true to yourself. The third and final season just wrapped, and you can watch the complete series on their YouTube channel. Check out the video below for more background on the series and its history:

Here are a few words from the show’s executives, Tina and Susan:

"We love making drama. And we love making it on the web. It’s as if the gods gave us a piece of this huge creative territory and said “Own it. Plant weird, wonderful new things. Do what you want here.” As creators, we couldn’t ask for more. Anyone But Me is a rare thing in the indie television world. For one thing, we don’t have zombies. (Alas!) We get off on writing about real humans and their relationships. Anyone But Me launched in 2008. After our second season, we had a never been done before Webathon, and the fans funded us for Season 3. So many people had our back. We got press in Fast Company., The LA Times, Tubefilter, AfterEllen. And we collected a lot of cool awards along the way. But it’s thanks to the passion of our fans that we’re here! We’re grateful to YouTube for this honor and the opportunity to connect with people we hope will become new fans. (Oh, and if you subscribe to our channel you not only get 26 episodes of our show & some fun video extras, we also link you to other shows we like. What could be bad about that?)"

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