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Creator and Artist Stories

Adopt a Feature: Round #2

By Hunter Walk

Director of Product Management

Amazingly, it's been two weeks since our last adoptafeature post and, though we've gotten some good new submissions since then, like this video from BeforeandAfterTV, we're still hungry for more, more, more. So we thought we'd up the ante a bit. For one, this Thursday, we're planning a homepage "Adopt a Feature" takeover during which we'll highlight many of the videos created thus far for the program, about one every hour. (Remember: these videos must adhere to our Terms of Service.) Watch, comment, rate -- then pick up your video camera and try to top these pioneers by doing a better, more creative job of explaining any of these six features yourself: AudioSwap, Country Pulldown, Insight, Playlists, Quick Capture, and Subscriptions. Don't forget to include the tag "adoptafeature" in your video; this is essential for it to be discoverable.

Two, if we feature your video in this installment or in a future showcase, there's a neat-o YouTube T-shirt with your name on it. All your friends will be very jealous.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Be back April 14 with the next update.

Hunter Walk