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Creator and Artist Stories

Adopt a Feature: Round #1

By Hunter Walk

Director of Product Management

Two weeks ago, we launched a program called Adopt a Feature, in which we asked you to give certain features some TLC by making videos explaining how they work. Just over two dozen of you took us up on it, with the majority choosing to talk about AudioSwap and Insight. We're collecting these clips on the adoptafeature channel, and as you can see they're a mixture of straightforward instruction and comedy -- there's even some bile, a fake corpse, more than a few bleeps, and a bit of innuendo... In other words, you are indeed taking these features and making them your own, which is exactly what we were hoping for. Here are some highlights so far:

* SteveDutzy lets you in on a fun (if perverse) game he plays with Insight
* BelgianDann employs annotations (and the undead!) to promote AudioSwap
* Petercoffin broadcasts from space to explain how Insight can contribute to inspiration, monetization and, um, you'll see
* Thecomputernerd01 stops talking about batteries, GameBoy, his mom's shades, his new knit hat, and an ace of hearts card long enough to explain how the country/language pulldown menus work
* The dapper Bobby SoFamous shows how AudioSwap can mask a foul mouth (and, of course, make you a better YouTube participant)
* BeanerLaRue's mother, Lola, makes her third cameo to impress the kids with her knowledge of AudioSwap

While these videos continue to percolate, and as new ones are added, we'll continue to watch how usage of these features evolves with your adoptafeature uploads and we'll report back on any significant shifts. So take a look at what's been created so far and consider this an open call to produce something even better, particularly for some of the features that didn't get as much love this round: Country and Language Options, Playlists, QuickCapture, and Subscriptions. (If you feel compelled to make a video about a feature not on the list, go for it -- just include "adoptafeature" in the tags. We might use it in a future installment.)

Anyway, get those cameras rolling. We want to have a lot more to talk about in two weeks time, on March 31, the next adoptafeature update.

Hunter Walk