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How these 3 creators are making the most of their channel memberships

Channel memberships are available to eligible creators with at least 1,000 subscribers in 80 countries around the world.

When we launched channel memberships on YouTube, we did it with the goal of helping creators diversify their revenue streams beyond ads and bringing fans even closer to the content and creators they love. With channel memberships, fans pay a monthly fee to their favorite channels to get access to unique badges, custom emoji, and other special perks offered by creators.

In 2020, YouTube creators earned over 4x as much revenue from channel memberships compared to 2019.”

We’ve been investing in making channel memberships even more impactful for creators and users alike, launching new members-only features including videos, live streams, chats, and custom emoji in comments. In 2020, YouTube creators earned over 4x as much revenue from channel memberships compared to 2019.

Now, even more creators have access to channel memberships: It’s available to eligible creators with at least 1,000 subscribers in 80 countries around the world. We’re seeing creators of all sizes and backgrounds use channel memberships in creative ways, with great results.

Rachana Ranade

In India, Chartered Accountant Rachana Ranade is working to help people learn more about financial literacy. She enabled memberships this year, offering discounts on courses and financial advice to members, and it's now the majority of her YouTube revenue -- earning her over $100,000 so far.


Gaming creator Prince Ohakam launched his channel membership offering in September, and has already seen breakthrough success thanks to his loyal fans. In addition to sharing members-only live streams, videos, posts, and custom emojis, Prince offers his members the exclusive opportunity to play live video games with him. Prince says his membership lets him connect directly with his members and give them more of what they're looking for.

Anna Yakimenko

Anna Yakimenko, a Russian fashion consultant based in Milan, uses memberships to offer her audience discounts on merch, exclusive live streams, and tailored fashion advice for members. Since launching her channel membership, Anna has doubled her YouTube earnings.

We're excited about the myriad ways we’ve seen creators make channel memberships work for them, and will continue making channel memberships even better in 2021, with new features like better creator analytics, loyalty and recognition perks, as well as easier ways for viewers to become members.

For more tips and tricks on how to make the most of channel memberships, check out the Creator Academy. Eligible creators can get started with channel memberships today by visiting Creator Studio.