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Celebrating PRIDE with 18 YouTube Shorts creators

In honor of Pride this June, we're featuring 18 creators from the YouTube Shorts community to put on your radar.

Happy Pride Month!

To highlight and give space to our creators celebrating Pride this month, we asked 18 YouTube Shorts LGBTQ+ creators to share more about themselves and their Shorts and content creation journeys.

Bryce Xavier


Hi, I am Bryce Xavier, a content creator, singer songwriter based in Los Angeles. I got my start in music and content creation at an early age and I was able to express myself through my content and music.

Each song that I write is a peek into my experiences, my emotions and how I feel about the people I love and care about. Being able to have a community that supports me, empowers me to keep creating music authentically. I want everyone that listens to my music to know you can be loved, you will be loved and you can fight through any obstacles. My lyrics have been my therapy and I’m grateful that it's helping others.

Louis Levanti


My name is Louis Levanti and I am an LGBTQ+ pop culture & comedy creator with 800K subs and counting on YouTube! Through Shorts I’ve engaged my audience in a variety of ways like pop culture updates, celebrity interviews, couples content (games and reactions), mental health discussions, food and drink and relatable scenarios. I’m the internet’s brutally honest best friend who aims to make people laugh and encourages others to share their opinions!

Tyler Murphy


Hi, I’m Tyler and I’m an artist and designer, creating videos mainly for Shorts. On my channel I typically design, redesign, and critique logos, but have recently been moving into a broader spectrum of digital art. I am a proud gay creator, and often feature content with my husband and make logo videos around Pride month.

Chemical Kim Science


My content vertical is science education with a focus on inclusivity and diversity. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I strive to create content that is welcoming and accessible to all. I explore various scientific topics and concepts in an engaging and informative way, with the goal of making science interesting to a wide audience. My content is inclusive and representative, and I aim to promote diversity and acceptance within the scientific community.



I have created this character of JeGaysus to work on my own childhood Religious Trauma. But by doing that, I have been able to help millions, and help to spread hope in my 2SLGBTQIA community in these awfully dark times. I work in the community to bridge the gap between what religious people believe LGBTQ people are, and show the public that perception is not reality! Activism through love.

Juliet Siegel

New York

I am a self taught artist and creator who majors in Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin. I began posting on social media over 7 years ago and now have garnered over 2 million followers across my social platforms. I am a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and have been a strong advocate for being yourself no matter what anyone thinks. My account is full of body positivity content and positivity within love and happiness and I would love to continue spreading that message to others through a larger scale.



I am a gay content creator who always strives to spread positivity and joy with my videos. I focus on making drink and meal recipes specifically for people in their early 20s to easily recreate as they start fending for themselves for the first time. Shorts has really helped me find an audience that is receptive and grateful for the information and skills I provide. We've truly built a strong and supportive community.



My name is Bella but online I am known as Jayus. Jayus means an unfunny joke in Indonesian, and I ride with that name. I create educational comedy content by summarizing big topics in a short amount of time and using humor to catch and keep the attention of my audience.

I started Shorts after seeing the success my friend SeanDoesMagic had experienced with it. I had been posting on YouTube for a couple of years before Shorts but really saw the majority of my success on the platform with it. Because of this, I am now close to 5 million subscribers and have a super engaged crowd of people. That is why YouTube is my favorite.

Lucy and La Mer


I am an award winning singer/songwriter and LGBTQ+ mental health advocate. I’ve been featured by Pride magazine, Billboard Pride, Out Magazine, and LA Pride. My Shorts consist of LGBTQ+ positive messages, music, and humor. While my YouTube channel is mostly LGBTQ+ music videos, my Shorts are moments to connect with my audience on a personal level.


Ontario, CA

I am a comedy and lifestyle influencer who started my Shorts journey about a year ago. I have enjoyed Youtube as a platform for its fun community and supportive team. But none of it is possible without the love (and hard work) of my content creator fiancée Sophia Kiddbeatz!

Sophia and I consider ourselves a really neat content creator power couple! YouTube is helping us find our feet in the big wide world, helping pay for our wedding and giving us a voice we didn’t get to have before.

Sophia Kiddbeatz Beatbox

Ontario, CA

I am Sophia, a beatboxer that has been creating content since 2007 on YouTube. Ever since Shorts launched, my content creation career has hugely developed. I incorporate food, comedy, and beats together to make it fun and entertaining. I now do most of my videos with my lovely fiancée, Roya Destroyaa. Together, we make an amazing content creating team. We are also getting married during the best month ever: PRIDE MONTH!

Sebb Argo

Ontario, CA

I am an LGBTQ+ creator who shares cute moments from my relationship through skits, funny POVs and more. We are currently planning our wedding so there is a lot of wedding content coming!

Dion Yorkie and I are always unapologetically ourselves and we claim the space we deserve by showing our audience what queer love looks like. However, our goal is not to be anyone's "relationship goals” — what we truly want is to remind everyone out there that queer love is real and it deserves to be acknowledged and respected. We are proud to love and proud to have a platform like youtube where we can inspire others to live life 100% true to themselves.

Kayla Love

New York

I took a leap of faith in January and resigned from my job in order to pursue YouTube. In January, I started posting on YouTube Shorts and gained more subscribers and views that month than I have in my 10 years on the platform. I have been posting on YouTube Shorts ever since and am so happy with the success I've found, the community I've grown, the things I've learned and the people I've engaged with.

Stephen Oscar


I'm a mens’ lifestyle, travel and fashion LGBTQ+ creator based in Los Angeles but originally from Chicago! I started Shorts when the feature first came out and am thrilled with the diversity in content that can be posted to my channel, along with the Shorts creator program! Shorts honestly has motivated me more than ever as I love creating content and the Shorts opportunities that YouTube has given me!

Ivanka DeKoning

New York

I'm an LGBTQ+ fashion and beauty creator based in NYC. I absolutely love Shorts, it has helped me build a strong community on YouTube. With Shorts, I'm able to expand my audience and spread LGBTQ+ awareness through engaging and dynamic content. Happy Pride Month!

Joseph Arujo


I’m a 19-year-old Latinx LGBTQ+ mental-health activist and content-creator based in Los Angeles. From fashion and lifestyle, to comedy, travel, culture and advocacy, I’ve been uniting my online community and making a mark on the world.

I’m currently a student at UC Berkeley, combining my interests in Business Administration and Media Studies to create a purpose-driven career. Notably, I work with Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, fostering a kinder and braver world. I create on Shorts to inspire others to be their true authentic selves and entertain my community online.

Julia Handra


Hi, I'm Julia and I've been creating Shorts for almost 2 years! I am a 26-year-old living in Los Angeles with my girlfriend and a lot of my content revolves around our dating life and LGBTQ+/Lesbian pop culture topics. Last year I had a viral moment where a video of me surprising my girlfriend with a Squishmallow generated over 15 million views. I'm now well on my way to 100k subscribers all because of Shorts!

Lilah Gibney


I moved to Los Angeles five years ago and worked the night shift at McDonald’s. As I started my transition, I was living on the kitchen floor in Glendale. I started YouTube and vlogging my whole life and struggles. Throughout 2020 I was able to get my face surgery, breast augmentation and vaginoplasty surgery. I also did a docu-style series of YouTube videos for all of them and encourage you to follow my journey.