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YouTube Black creators to follow in 2024

13 standout Black creators you need to follow

From setting trends to propelling them forward, Black creators play a crucial role in the YouTube Shorts ecosystem. That’s why this Black History Month, we will honor the impactful and exceptional content produced by our Black creators all around the world. From Lagos to LA to Bahia, these incredible individuals pour their passion into their work, inspiring audiences on a grand scale.

Discover these 13 exceptional Black Shorts creators worth following:


New York, USA

Sofiyat Ibrahim aka "The Odditty" is a prominent content creator, host, and personality. With over 950k followers across platforms, she has established herself as an influential thought leader, style icon and the best friend every girl needs! Her magnetic personality and empowering lifestyle messages have fostered a strong bond with her audience, creating a supportive and engaged community which she refers to as her “Odd Fam."

Originally an immigrant from Nigeria, Sofi came to the U.S. to pursue her masters' degree in Conflict Resolution. Along her journey, she became a prominent voice and advocate for black women everywhere. In 2022, she was selected as a member and spokesperson of YouTube's first Black Creator class, gaining recognition as a creator to watch. Sofi is currently the host of Macy’s Live Shopping and serves as a long-term ambassador for brands like VS Pink, Lancome, and Revlon. Through these roles, she continues to connect with her audience and spread her positive messages. She has grown a dedicated community through her youtube vlogs and has also used shorts to target a larger audience spreading messages of inspiration and relatability.

Through her YouTube Shorts page, her content is not only diverse but representative of her love for YouTube and sharing her experiences.


California, USA

Taty Cokley is a self-love guru who's rewriting the rules of female empowerment. Her path to self-discovery kicked off with a curveball at 13—a misdiagnosis claiming she couldn't have children. This forced her to peel back the layers of traditional womanhood, finding strength not in societal norms but in her own resilience, confidence, and smarts. Now, with a community of over 900,000 sisters. Taty is rewriting the rules of womanhood and paving the way for others.

Watch our recent interview where Taty meets up with fellow creator It Girl, Sydney Morgan right here!


Texas, USA

Arianna Hailey is a trend-setter known for her big personality, iconic style and hilarious outlook on life. She makes a variety of lifestyle and beauty content that consists of her relatable thoughts on everyday happenings, and often can include hilarious moments with Ari and her boyfriend/family members. Ari is loved by her fans for being authentic and relatable, someone they can really look up to. She's young and witty and is clearly a creator who can provide meaningful conversation.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cláudio and Igor are the hosts of Fluscomania, is a made for kids channel where they upload challenges, games, and entertaining videos that engage over 2 million subscribers every week. They are from Rio de Janeiro and emphasize on their videos the importance of diversity.


Georgia, USA

Hallease is a digital storyteller, creative consultant, and filmmaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. On her channel she creates short films, vlogumentaries that captures her Chaotic Good life, and tutorials to inspire creativity. Continued learning and exploration are at the core of her content as she seeks to give a holistic view of what it means to be a working artist. Her most viral YouTube short shows how she washes and maintains her 7-year-old semi-freeform locs. This viral short is also how she received her Silver YouTube Play Button on the last day of 2022.


Bahia, Brazil

Kananda Eller holds a degree in Chemistry from the Federal University of Bahia - UFBA. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Environmental Science Education at USP/SC. During her academic journey, she researched ethnic-racial relations and chemistry education. Follow this channel to see how a black woman shares her experiences as a scientist, education on ethnic-racial relations, along with many interesting facts and references about Afro-Brazilian science and culture. "Stick around, it's going to be great!" Kananda says!


New York, USA

Liberian-American brothers: Dustin & Denzel, are famously known influencers that have turned themselves into a viral meme. With worldwide success stemming from their Try Not To Laugh videos, they have shown they have what it takes to be successful! With over 82 million views, The Mooney Bros are on their way to being one of the biggest creators we’ve seen thus far!

The journey on YouTube shorts for them has propelled them into a lane of their own. Of course, creating content for YouTube isn't always easy, but the brothers say Shorts has made it a lot easier to produce content consistently. They average around 18 shorts a month along with long form content, which helps them reach a variety of fans throughout the world.


Ontario, Canada

Diva Sensations which is made up of Chiamaka and Chinonye Olisekwe identical twin sisters who specialize in creating GRWMs, makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and skincare content. The twins first started out on YouTube creating dance videos and challenges, then they migrated into creating GRWMs and makeup content more short form content on Shorts, they still post dance video here and there, their niche is definitely twinning and matching each other vibes and aesthetics.


Kansas, USA

Big Cam I Am took off on February 1st 2022 with his series, "Another Satisfying Racial Moment," with the goal of educating the masses while starting a conversation over tough to tackle topics through comedy. Two years later, he's thriving on YouTube with more than half a million subscribers and still growing.


Lagos, Nigeria

Sarah Onomiwo more popularly known as Sayrahwyte, is a versatile creator who makes dance, comedy, music, fashion and beauty content. Her journey on Shorts has been an amazing one because it’s what she loves to do. She enjoys every beat of it as it gives her the opportunity to put a smile on people's faces and it brings them happiness. She looks forward to bringing bigger and better funny, educational content to the platform as she grows in the Shorts community.


California, USA

Jibby is a plant-based software engineer, fitness trainer, Christian, lifestyle content creator and actor! From fitness to lifestyle to travel to food to mental health, she loves sharing her tips with her audience. After quitting her job as a VP software engineer to do content creating full-time in June 2021, she is seeing tremendous growth while building an incredible audience. She is known for her engaging YouTube follow along workouts, vlogs, as well as her informative Shorts, making quality fitness and wellness accessible to everyone.


New Jersey, USA

In the dynamic world of YouTube Shorts, Ameenha Lee has emerged as a captivating content creator, weaving a narrative that resonates with viewers worldwide. With a passion for lifestyle and inspiration, Ameenha Lee crafts engaging short-form videos that leave a lasting impression. From entertaining tutorials to insightful snippets, every Short is a glimpse into Ameenha Lee's unique perspective.

Known for her versatile content, including celebrity interviews, fashion, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, and everything legendary, Ameenha Lee embarked on the YouTube Shorts journey with a vision to connect and inspire. Through this exciting platform, she has not only created compelling content but also forged meaningful connections with a growing community of subscribers.


Lagos, Nigeria

Johnny is a YouTube Shorts creator who posts dance, pranks and entertainment content. Like most creators, he admits he was at first discouraged when his initial videos didn't take off right away. But by staying consistent and learning from other creators (he names Noelgoescrazy ashis biggest inspiration), he grew from 1,500 subscribers to 130,000 subscribers and growiong.

To continue the celebration of Black History Month, we will be hosting in-person and virtual sessions all month long. If you are a creator and interested in joining the community so that you have access to these amazing opportunities, fill out this form here!