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Celebrating our sustainability-focused Shorts creators for Earth Month

From nature enthusiasts to entrepreneurs, to sustainability-focused fashion designers, creators are coming together to celebrate Earth month and raise awareness of the challenges our planet faces.

In honor of Earth month, we wanted to highlight some of our Shorts creators who have been creating content that highlights the beauty of our planet, and the importance of taking care of it.

As we celebrate Earth month, it is important to recognize the efforts of those who are working towards a more sustainable future.

Some creators have taken a more educational approach, sharing tips on how to reduce waste or conserve energy. These videos offer practical advice that viewers can use in their daily lives to make a positive impact on the environment. From nature enthusiasts to entrepreneurs, to sustainability-focused fashion designers, creators are coming together to celebrate Earth month and raise awareness of the challenges our planet faces.

As we celebrate Earth month, it is important to recognize the efforts of those who are working towards a more sustainable future. These are a few of the incredible YouTube Shorts creators that are doing just that, using their platforms to raise awareness and inspire action.


Kathryn Kellogg is the founder of Going Zero Waste, a lifestyle website dedicated to helping others live a healthier and more sustainable life. She’s a spokesperson for plastic-free living for National Geographic and author of "101 Ways to Go Zero Waste," which breaks eco-friendly, sustainable living down into an easy step by step process with lots of positivity and love.

She started creating short form video content in 2020, and has loved creating YouTube Shorts as they are a great way to visually show so many day-to-day sustainability practices. One of her favorite short form series is Scraptastic where she takes commonly thrown out food scraps, and makes delicious recipes with them.


Gunnar Deatherage is a fashion designer who is committed to sustainability. His Shorts showcase sustainable fashion and offer tips on reducing waste in the fashion industry. He has a love for transforming thrifted, found items and cheap fabrics into beautiful runway ready garments! Through his platform, he’s been able to share stories and pass along his sewing knowledge to his growing community! Read more from when we last caught up with Gunnar's channel and inspiration last summer.


Miaira Jennings creates video content highlighting sustainable fashion design and her passion for giving new life to previously owned items. She creates entertaining and inspiring fashion transformations, thrift flips and DIY tutorials and has grown an online community that's just as excited about sustainable, one-of-a-kind style.

Since consistently posting YouTube Shorts, Miaira has garnered over 10 million views and has been featured in Essence, Environment by Impact and Marie Claire. She was also a featured designer for the YouTube Shorts #ReMakeTheRunway Fashion Week Campaign that spotlighted sustainable fashion creators.


Turnip Vegan is a vegan food creator whose Shorts feature delicious plant-based recipes and tips on reducing food waste. With his content, he’s on a mission to inspire and empower people to embrace a plant-based lifestyle for a healthier and more sustainable future. His passion for environmental stewardship and dedication to promoting plant-based living make him a creator to watch

Through his YouTube channel and social media presence, he’s been educating people on how easy and delicious it is to incorporate plant-based meals into their lives. He also showcases the benefits of growing mushrooms at home, further emphasizing the importance of self-sustainability and environmental awareness.


Living Planet Friendly is a content creator who is passionate about the protection of our planet, sustainability, climate justice and low-impact living. Her goal is to educate others on the climate crisis and possible solutions, influence others to be conscious of their actions that impact the planet, advocate for the protection of our beautiful planet and inspire low waste lifestyles and zero waste practices.

In high school she started to recognize how seemingly mundane things like trash on the sidewalks had impacts to greater issues like global warming. She began educating herself on climate change and making conscious efforts to lower her environmental impact. As she started posting on Youtube Shorts, she's found a community of folks who often use her as a resource to ask questions as they, too, march towards more sustainable living.


Christine Lan is a sustainability creator who ways to reduce waste to be kinder to the planet. She makes a lot of her own makeup and creates recipes from food waste.

Christine's passion for all things sustainable is undeniable. She's both the Founder of Olona Earth, an eco business that produces earth-friendly and natural skincare products, and an active sustainable influencer. Eco-Amical is Christine's influencer brand dedicated to sharing tips, tricks and hacks on how to live sustainably. Her channel showcases how to create their own natural makeup, while advocating for a healthy, natural and low-waste lifestyle. Her videos also draw a lot of inspiration from multi-cultural heritage — since Christine is Canadian Sino-Mauritian, her followers get insight into secret health hacks from North America, Asia and Africa — what a wonderful combo!


Vionna is a New York City-based plant stylist on a mission to reconnect people to nature through cultivating green spaces and houseplant care. With more than 5 years of professional experience in architecture, civil engineering and construction management, she strongly believes that the right urban environment is imperative to improving our quality of life.

Feline Jungle’s lifestyle and gardening content showcase sustainability by promoting the use of sustainably sourced and grown plants, which reduces the environmental impact of the plant industry. Proper plant care can also be encouraged, which extends the life of a houseplant and reduces the need to constantly buy new ones. Upcycling and repurposing old items into planters or other plant-related decor reduces waste and adds a unique touch to home decor. DIY projects, such as creating terrariums or macrame plant hangers, can also encourage sustainability by reducing the need to purchase new plant-related items.

Overall, Vionna believes promoting sustainable practices in lifestyle houseplant content can lead to a more eco-friendly and mindful approach to decorating with plants.


Alli Cherry is a nature enthusiast and sustainability advocate. Her Shorts showcase the beauty of nature and offer tips on reducing waste and living sustainably. Based in Southern California, she's passionate about thrifting, attainable sustainability and ethical fashion. The through-line of all her creative endeavors has been living gently with herself, the planet and others. Whether reducing her waste on a road trip, practicing minimalism at home, plant-based eating, or simple DIYs, everything returns to what's sustainable for herself and our planet.


Ashley is an soil scientist based in Canada with a passion for plants since she was a small child. Growing up, she would garden alongside her grandmother during the summer, which was how she realized her love for greenery. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a bachelor’s degree in Science and a major in Soil Science.

The focus of Ashley’s channel is to bring science to gardening in a way that is informative but also helpful to others learning to garden. She also talks about the importance of having your own garden and the joys of gardening indoors. Ashley continues to study plants in her free time and hopes to expand her YouTube channel as well as her reach to up-and-coming gardeners.


Kiana Bonollo is a full-time fashion and sewing content creator. Although she didn’t start creating content until 2020, she quickly gained a following because of her love for sharing her sewing knowledge and experience. Since then, she has expanded her content to fashion styling, DIY nails and beauty. One of her favorite types of videos to create are “get ready with me” styling videos.

She is a graduate of North Carolina State University where she earned a bachelor's degree in Fashion and Textile Design and a minor in Entrepreneurship. She has transformed some thrifted items into works of art — such as a tissue holder into a disco ball!

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These 10 YouTube Shorts creators are doing their part to promote sustainability and inspire action. Their dedication to the planet is truly inspiring, and their Shorts offer practical tips and creative solutions for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. As we continue to celebrate Earth month, let's take inspiration from these creators and do our part to protect our planet.

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