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YouTube creator Enzo Knol

Dispatch from the Netherlands: 10 years and 3,600 vlogs from Enzo Knol

For the past 10 years, Enzo Knol vlogged. Every. Single. Day. So on the 10th anniversary of his YouTube channel, we learned more about what keeps him going.

This past June, Enzo Knol celebrated his 10th anniversary on YouTube. But this was not just any anniversary.

Enzo has been vlogging, releasing a video every single day, for the past 10 years. His first vlog went live June 9, 2013 and since then Enzo has invited his viewers to witness his life, with its ups and downs and with little filter.

We sat down with Enzo ahead of this incredible milestone to learn more about what kept him going, his favorite videos, and his best recommendations for The Netherlands.

Ten years of daily vlogging. What do you think helped you stay consistent?

That is definitely due to where I come from. There was a lot of negativity, and I wanted to break free from it. I knew I had to do it myself. So, I turned my life around and, through positivity and documenting it on film, I created a fanbase. They also wanted to experience that positivity every day, just like me. That’s why I upload a vlog every day at 4 o’clock.

You’re pretty famous in the Netherlands. When did you realize you were famous?

When I organized a fan meeting in Utrecht, unexpectedly over 5,000 people showed up. I was shocked by that. I hadn’t realized how much I had grown, numbers are different on the internet than in real life.

What do you wish someone had told you when you clicked upload on June 9, 2013?

There will be people who come just to take advantage and nothing more.

What do you think was your most important video?

There are several of them. I now have over 5,500 videos, so there’s definitely no favorite among them. It’s often the emotional videos that hold a lot of value for me. Those videos usually involve my girlfriend or family, and they carry significant meaning for me.

If you could play one vlog over and over on a billboard in Time Square, which would it be?

The scariest slide I’ve ever seen! In a Cabin 😱 #2520 - This is because it’s a massive spectacle of testing slides, and they always receive an incredible response. Apparently, people have a happy vibe when it comes to slides.

My favorite [thing about my vlogs] is the fact that everything can always be rewatched. Literally every day. Least favorite... is the pressure to create an enjoyable vlog even when you’re sick.”

Enzo Knol

If you had never started your YouTube channel ten years ago, what would today’s Enzo be doing, you think?

Definitely something with helping young people who are struggling with themselves.

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about having uploaded 3600 vlogs?

My favorite is the fact that everything can always be rewatched. Literally every day. Least favorite... is the pressure to create an enjoyable vlog even when you’re sick.

After 3,600 vlogs, people got to know you very well. Yet, what’s the biggest misunderstanding about you?

Some people think I’m not kind. Most of my followers know that this isn’t true, but even after 10 years of YouTube, I still notice that there’s an assumption that success gets to your head. Especially people who have heard of me but don’t watch the vlogs are sometimes taken aback when they encounter me on the street. They’re surprised when I strike up a conversation or take a moment to explain things.

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Will we see another 10 years of daily Knolpower?

Ja zeker! (Certainly!)

To anyone visiting The Netherlands for the first time, what are three recommendations you’d give them?

Don’t stand in front of my house, haha.

The tulip fields are beautiful in the Netherlands. Or go to Madame Tussauds, that’s where you’ll find me 😉. The northern part of the Netherlands is also worth visiting, as there are beautiful nature spots where you can walk a beautiful wild hiking trail.

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