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YouTube Sketchies: Calling All Funny People...

By Sara Pollack

YouTube Film

Just like you, The Lonely Island started out as Just Two Guys (OK, three) making hilarious videos for the web. Of course, now they're superstars who write for one of the longest-running shows on television and have a feature film coming out this summer.

Good news. As of today, you, too, have the opportunity to use your sketch comedy shorts to catapult yourself to stardom with the YouTube Sketchies, a contest for the best episodic sketch comedy on the web.

This contest isn't for the occasionally funny, however. This is about proving your ability to consistently create comedic content through three rounds of elimination. After an initial culling by a panel of experts, the YouTube community will vote 10 of you on to Round Two, five of you on to Round Three, and one of you on to glory.

And as if glory weren't enough, you'll also get new gear, a trip to the premiere of Hot Rod, a chance to direct a short for Sierra Mist, and the opportunity to meet top talent agents.

Check out the details here and then stay tuned to my film channel, TheStoryboard, for updates, recaps and more!

Rise up and be discovered,