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YouTube Person Finder: Using video to connect with those affected by Japan’s earthquake and tsunami

By Tai Hasegawa

Product Marketing Manager, Japan

Two days ago we built YouTube Person Finder (消息情報), a channel that aggregates video messages from the sufferers of the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan a week ago.

We’re in the process of adding more than 80 video messages shot at the shelters by TBS, a major TV station in Japan, and we’ll try to increase the number of videos by adding more more content from other TV stations and news network in the coming days.

We’re also trying to include videos shot by the individuals impacted themselves, but we have to wait until the infrastructure situation there recovers.

You can search for videos via the search box within the module: enter the names of a missing person in Kanji, Katakana, or Hiragana letters (sorry Japanese letters only); the name of the place they lived; or the name of the shelter locations. You can also browse videos by Japanese alphabet on the playlist embedded within the video navigator in middle of the channel.

We also link to the Google Person Finder tool.

Our hope is that this channel will help victims and their families to establish each other's safety, and that the video messages will reach many viewers and motivate them to contribute to the recovery and restoration of the disaster-stricken areas.

Please watch the message videos and pray for their safety and reunion of families and friends involved in the disaster.