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YouTube creators at NEXT WEEKEND film festival, presented by Sundance Institute

By Raymond Braun

YouTube Entertainment Marketing

Cinephiles, take note: this weekend will go down in YouTube history as the first time a major film festival has curated and screened a short film program exclusively featuring your videos on YouTube. The Sundance Institute selected some of the most popular videos on YouTube to showcase at the first-ever NEXT WEEKEND summer film festival (August 8-11), and you can watch them all now.

From a whirlwind tour of food culture in India and a rap battle of epic proportions to a touching coming out video and some seriously thought provoking jelly beans, the Sundance Institute-curated YouTube Shorts @ NEXT WEEKEND program highlights the imagination and diversity of the creators on YouTube. You might recognize some familiar channels like VICE, College Humor, Above Average, Machinima, JASH and more.

NEXT WEEKEND extends YouTube and Sundance Institute's shared love of celebrating talented creators, following our "Life in a Day" premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and an exclusive glimpse of short films debuting at the Festival earlier this year.

Congratulations to all the YouTube creators featured at NEXT WEEKEND, and with more than 100 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, there’s always new cinematic content to enjoy.