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We've Updated the Feed on the YouTube Homepage

By Kurt Wilms

Product Manager At YouTube

Today we’re rolling out some updates to your homepage feed to provide an even better viewing experience. Most of these changes are a result of the feedback you’ve given us. Here’s what you’ll notice:

Bigger video thumbnails with more information about uploader activity

We restructured the design to show bigger, higher-quality thumbnails. We’ve also included more information related to the video. If an uploader has commented, posted, or added a video to a playlist, we surface this information so you can get a better picture of all the activity related to the video.

More control over what you see in your feed
We’ve introduced a menu that lets you quickly control what content appears in your feed. To bring up this menu, simply hover over an item in the feed and click the arrow that appears in the upper right of the item.  You can then choose to hide the item you have selected, opt to only show uploads from that user, or unsubscribe from that user, all directly in your feed.

A differentiated view of videos you’ve already watched

Videos that you’ve already watched are clearly marked in the feed, so you can better decide what to watch next.

A note about Highlights view
The Highlights view, which is currently the default view of activity on the homepage feed, is designed to ensure that a diverse set of creators appear in a viewer’s feed based on their subscriptions. Some creators publish videos once per week, while others publish many videos every day. Highlights views helps ensure that prolific creators don’t crowd out more occasional publishers in your homepage feed.

We’ve seen the Highlights view increase overall video viewership, and we’ve heard your feedback on wanting a way to easily see all content from your subscriptions. If you want to see each and every item from all channels, you can always select the Everything view. We are continuing to build features to make it easy to know when your subscriptions have new content, so watch for more improvements in the future.