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Welcome to You@YouTube: What do you want to know?

By Bernita Jenkins

Hr Business Partner

Today we’re kicking off a series of posts and videos around what it’s like working at YouTube. The goal is to show you what happens behind your screen, and will talk about things we think you might want to know about like job opportunities, interesting folks working and visiting here, projects we’re testing out, our gnome overlords and more.

I could write pages about working here—the amazing people I get to work with, the fun benefits, the transparent communication, and most importantly being part of company that’s working to change our world through video. But hearing about it from me alone won’t do it justice, so here’s a teaser from some of the YouTubers here at HQ on a new channel called Life at YouTube. This will give you an insider look at what life at YouTube is like, with videos ranging from the heartfelt to the ridiculous.

So over to you, fellow YouTubers. What would you like to hear about from inside YouTube? After all this is about you—I work here already.