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Welcome to the New Hub!

By Bing Chen

Global Creator Initiatives Manager

Hey, Partners and creators,

We first started the Partner Communications Hub a year ago to provide Partners with relevant information on product updates, program announcements like YouTube NextUp, and interesting things happening in the community.

Many of you have expressed enthusiasm for the current Hub, but have noted a few ways that we could improve: chiefly, an easier way to access the Hub, greater educational resources, a better way to communicate with other creators, and an overall improved and more fun experience.

So today, we’re excited to share that we’re launching the first step of a new hub for YouTube Partners and creators, your new, one-stop resource for everything related to Partners and creators, alike.  This new hub is the first, small step to a much broader, multi-month project that seeks to provide every tool that creators like you need to be successful.  You can find the first stage of the hub at  

There are a few new features that 
we’d like to share:
  • The new YouTube Creator Blog under Latest News will house everything you need to know about the latest product announcements, new programs like YouTube NextUp, and interesting community happenings like Music Tuesdays.
  • The YouTube Creator Playbook, a comprehensive guide to YouTube success, is available to the public for the first time.  You’ll find it in the Learn section.
  • Over 65 tutorials on everything from software to YouTube skills to camerawork.
  • YouTube Creator Clubs enable you to meet other Partners like you to collaborate on new content or simply to teach each other and have fun. 
  • Much more to come!

As mentioned, we'll be improving this new hub frequently in the coming weeks--but we need your help.  We’re constantly looking for feedback, so please share your thoughts on how we can improve this experience. 

Happy creating!