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The Votes Are In: Fall TV's Most Anticipated Show

By Mark Day

Comedy Programs Manager

YouTube users voted on over 100 Fall TV previews, and the most anticipated show of the season is...drumroll, please...Mythbusters. Congratulations to Jamie and Adam, who busted some viral video myths last season and whose popularity with our community is definitely confirmed.

As for your other Fall TV treats, the top five fan favorites include a pair of returning shows and two newcomers. Coming in second place is cranky doctor House, and in third, a strong showing for newcomer The Vampire Diaries, perhaps reflecting how popular vampire books, movies and shows are on YouTube and in our culture at large right now. At four, perky new series Glee delivers musical high school comedy, and at five, the once-hot Heroes could be set to make a comeback.

Voting has closed, but you can still see a huge selection of TV teasers at our Fall TV destination.