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Underwater Geo Tag for Your Videos

By Umang Sharan


***UPDATED with video tutorial and an invitation to explore the Ocean using Google Earth, narrated by Sylvia Earle, "Explorer in Residence" at National Geographic.

Today, Google Earth 5.0 launched, and one of the most exciting features is Ocean, which you can read all about here. Partners like BBC Worldwide, National Geographic
, Cousteau, Tagging of Pacific Predators, Ocean Conservancy, and Kip Evans Photography have already taken advantage of the new subsurface Ocean in Google Earth to place their YouTube videos below sea level -- and now you can too. Simply go to the altitude field in the "Date and Map" section on your video's information page and select a negative altitude to indicate that your video was shot in an ocean, lake, river, crater, etc. or drag the pointer over a body of water and hit "Set."

We can't wait to see what you've captured beneath the surface (aside from lots of fish!).


Umang Sharan