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Turkey’s President takes your questions

By Zeynep Inanoğlu

Head of Consumer Marketing, Google Turkey

In 2011, YouTube World View has traveled the globe, bringing citizen questions to the world’s most influential leaders. Now, World View is headed to a country that has received heavy news coverage this year -- Turkey. Starting today, Turkish President Abdullah Gül will take your questions at and will answer them at the beginning of December.

President Gül wants to hear your questions on topics such as the future of Turkey’s economy, Turkey’s growing role in Middle East, the country’s democratization movement and the recent focus on a new Constitutional draft. Go to to submit your question via video or text, and to vote on the questions you think should be asked.

On December 1, the President will answer a selection of the top-voted questions and his answers will be uploaded to YouTube and broadcast by local media partner, NTV. The deadline to submit is November 28.